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11/ 11 Singles´ Day – why should we celebrate it?

11/ 11 Singles´ Day – why should we celebrate it?

The 11th of November is Singles´Day: 11/11. 

The celebration started back in 1993 as a joke between students in China to counter Valentines Day by giving each other presents to celebrate their singleness and chose 11/11 as 1 is the symbol of single in China.

The annual event kicks off on the midnight of the 11th of November and runs for 24 hours featuring steep discounts that are driven by the main Alibaba-owned platform, Tmall.  Alibaba, China’s biggest shopping site, marketed the date and just year made over $17 billion dollars on 11/11/2016. Basically, think of it as the Asian version of America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sales – but bigger than the two combined. Nowadays we expect it to take over Black Friday in the West as not only is it the fastest shopping date but also it’s just cool.


Why is it so cool?


Right now young people are living a revolution across the world, not just in China but everywhere, no longer are they settling down to get married at the ages they used to do. The millennial generation is shaking up the the image of how we behave, our education, the way we travel, work and the views on  individual success, we have new priorities that aren’t concerned with relationships. This can be seen with the median age for women to marry in Shanghai is over 30 for the first time in 2012.  Key words that resonate with singles are: fun, freedom, and independence, and that is why It’s a celebration to be single as it’s a celebration of  success unrelated to having a partner. 


Single vs Married

In Spain there is a recurring joke between single men vs married men, and usually the way of making football teams or any type of division is made in this fashion. In a humorous way BYHOURS has decided to celebrate Singles´Day in a way we can also put an end to the eternal debate.


What you should do is:

  1. Choose a side, single or married. Be careful what you choose …
  2. Book a BYHOURS microstay until Sunday, November 11 for stays until November 17.
  3. Choose your team! When booking use the code “SINGLE” or “MARRIED”. On November 12 we will tell which side has had more bookings.
  4. The winning team will get a 15% discount for their next booking, and the honor of having won the final match of single versus married. The team that does not win, will take a consolation prize.



If you aren’t at least a little nice to yourself, you can’t be nice to other people. So consider 11/11 a celebration of you whether you are single or married, a woman or a man, you should pamper yourself the way you deserve it! 


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