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4 Tips to get work done on a Travel Day

4 Tips to get work done on a Travel Day

A travel day is thought to be fun, exciting, a ´treat yo-self´time. There is something about being in an airport or a train station which makes you want to spend money, on shopping, on eating… But, with deadlines narrowing in, work accomulating, and emails to be checked you can´t turn off just yet from work. Yep, maybe save that airport cocktail for later on, and sip on an espresso instead.

Here we give you 4 tips how to be productive on a travel day, because you can still get some work done while on route anywhere. 

How to do it?

1- Invest in technology

Invest in a few items that will make you more comfortable and productive while on the road.

We recommend:

    1. Portable WiFi devices: to stay always connected!
    1. Keyboard for your notebook: type type type!
    1. High-quality headphones: block out the cruel, very loud, world.
  1. Bluetooth charger: just because it’s so damn cool! No cables, no mess. 

Any devices that help you to keep productive and happy go for it!

2-  Turn your layovers into the most productive time

The most productive times on a travel day are when you’re waiting around. Coffee shops have been seen to be an adequate spot for working but nowadays with more options we don´t have to settle for a loud, busy and extremely distracting environment. Book a microstay in a hotel in or near the aiport or train station and take advantage of the peace and quiet to not only get work done but to rest and refresh. 

4- Pack right & prepare in advance

Flying drains your energy, try to keep your luggage simple by packing everything you might need when on board, and which can be found easily. Easy access to: laptops, headphones, charger, ebook, pixel earphone, ipad, credit cards… It´s horrible to be on a flight, knowing your headphones are at the bottom of your bag and you sit there for hours in silence, in despair because you don´t want to go through the hassle of trying to get them. 

Make sure you have documents downloaded and everything you might need can be accessed even without wifi.

4- Get comfortable – Get in the zone!

Try get in the zone even when on a flight or train: put on your work music, eat your snacks, get inspired and get that work done.

It´s good to try and prepare in advance for example by booking extra leg room or a more comfortbale seat,  buying snacks or drinks.

We hoped that helped, we want to hear your opinions! Tell us your tips in the comments below and share how you get work done while travelling!

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