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6 steps to achieve your New Year´s resolutions

6 steps to achieve your New Year´s resolutions

Happy New Year, Carpe Horam!

New Year´s resolutions might be going out of fashion, as less and less people seem to take them seriously, serving more as a joke to talk about unrealistic farfetched abstract ideas rather than real ways to improve yourself. What is the point of them? Well, to be a better version of yourself than the year before. But lets not take it too seriously, too achieve what you want is all about balance, so lets have fun too.

At the end of the day time is all we have, everyday has the possibility to be a step closer to what you want to achieve. Dream big, be a better you, spend your time wisely.

Here we break down how to achieve your New Year´s resolutions in 6 steps, and remember Carpe Horam, seize the hour!

1. Make a `silly´resolution

It´s always fun to start off thinming of your resolutions by having an outragous silly resolution before getting to the serious ones, life is supposed to be lived after all, isn´t it? Try and make up one that will bring you more happiness and enjoyment, here are a few examples_

  1. Drink more champagne
  2. Make out more in bars
  3. Buy more Polka Dot items
  4. Try new Mexican food
  5. Go on more boats

Simple pleasure do make life worth living….

2. Think

Before you start wrting your more serious resolutions down, have a good long think about your past resolutions, think how you succeeded and how you didn´t Analyze your successes and failures as you think about your future resolutions.

Make a brainstorm of what you want to work on, where you would like to go, what you want to improve in your life, what you want to learn… anything you can think of write it down, then prioritise your list.

Be honest with what you want and make sure they are realistic and attainable. General goals are good to think about here for exampe: be healthier, get a better job, move house, do a trip to South Asia …. later on you will write a more detailed plan to achieve them, but thinking what you want is number 1 first.

3. Put them on paper

It´s very important, fundamental really, to write down your resolutions.
Try to stick to 3 big ones, too many can just demoralize you, so priortitize what´s important for you.

This is now the part where you start to write how you will work towards your goals, if your goal was ´be healthier´ here you can write how will you do it – maybe try run three times a week or set a few goals such as partipating in a race, or perhpahs making a meal plan, signing up to a nutrition talk…. whatever you want, but write down real, possible, concrete ways you can do it.

Be as concrete and realistic as possible.

4. Wake up an hour earlier

Achieving what you want isn´t going to be easy. Sacrfice is part of the long – term gain, we all know nothing in life is free, but it will be worth while. The overall goal is to not fall back into old habits and not achieve your goal, so be ready to put extra work in!

The reason why you probably haven´t accomplished them yet is because of time. Not having enough time.

Wake up an hour earlier and change up your routine to include the steps towards your resolutions.

5. Do them

This sounds silly and obvious but people just forget this step…. You have to do them…. wake up and do them.
Do something new for 3o days, They say if you can do something for 30 days then is becomes a routine.

if this means not drinking during the week do it, if it means eating less carbs, do it, if it means looking less as social media, do it, eating out to save money, do it, do what you have to do. Do it, do it, do it.

And continue doing it.

Do not stop.

6. Go back to the paper

If you begin to loose motivation go back and find that piece of paper you wrote your resolutions on. Remember why they are important for you and why you wrote them down in the first place.

If your methods aren´t going to plan brainstorm new ways you can work towards your goals, be flexible but be productive!

Think about how you will feel when you achieve them and see how much you have done so far to achieve them, feel proud of yourself for trying and working towards them. Don´t feel guilt, don´t give up, just try new ways of achieving them. Be postive, work hard and have fun! A good way of sticking to them is involving other people in them too, but don´t rely on them, remember these are your goals and only you have the power to achieve them!

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Good luck and Carpe Horam all year long!

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