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6 free things to do and learn in quarantine

6 free things to do and learn in quarantine

After more than a week of quarantine, the ideas of things to do at home are reducing, almost at the rate that the days progress. Until recently we all wanted to have free time to do everything that the stress and the frenetic rhythm didn’t allow us. And now, that the limitations are only of space, it seems that there weren’t so many things that we didn’t manage to do. What a paradox!

Even so, although many times we don’t realize it, due to be at home for so many hours in a row, each corner has a possibility, and each moment an activity. At BYHOURS, who are experts in making good use of time in microstays, we have prepared 6 things for you, such as the six hours you could spend in a hotel, to do at home and learn. And also, all of them, free. Yes, yes, FREE. Never before has learning from home been so easy.

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Subscription to press publishers. Large media groups such as Hearst, El País or Forbes, have decided to open monthly subscriptions and make their publications available to everyone. You are going to entertain yourself with those magazines or newspapers that you like the most, while being more informed than ever.

Training classes on Social Media. If we have become aware of these days it’s that being at home without moving or exercising isn’t good. Personal trainers such as Cesc Escolá, Alex Lamata or Paula Butragueño have decided to share exercises on their Instagram accounts and do live classes. There are no more excuses for not doing sports.

Google courses. You can be an expert in online marketing, positioning and a long etcetera. Thanks to Google’s free Activate courses, quality training is guaranteed and hours will pass faster.

Music classes on YouTube. That pending subject that some will have left aside for time. Now is the time. Youtube and its channels, such as “Music for all“, “The school of music.net” or Jaime Altozano, will be your great allies. Guitar, piano, singing lessons …. Choose what you like the most and you will end up being an expert.

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Know how to order at home. Marie Kondo was in charge of starting us with the best tips. And now that we have time, we will have to listen to him. A tidy house always brings peace and quiet, and these days it’s what we need most. Learn with her and other influencers such as Kate Wadson-Smnyth (@mad_about_the_house), Alicia Iglesias (@ordenylimpiezaencasa) or Vanesa Travieso (@ponorden). They have the best advices.

Learn Excel for free. For all those who need to recycle or catch up with this tool, now they have it easy. The Polytechnic University of Valencia offers the course free online. Also on YouTube there are courses of more than 5 hours. In one day you’ll have a great command of Excel.

As you see, being home for a few days will help us to continue learning and cultivating our minds. And you, what option do you choose to hang out?

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