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Getting to know Guillermo Gaspart – CEO & Co-founder of BYHOURS

Getting to know Guillermo Gaspart – CEO & Co-founder of BYHOURS

Born in a Hotel. Barcelona is his hometown. Fourth generation of Hotel Family business. More than 15 years of professional experience in the travel and Hotel industry. Specialized in business development and strategy in luxury and business Hotels. With a strong sense of humour and experience in launching, managing and operating e-commerce start-up’s such as BYHOURS.  He is the one and only: Guillermo Gaspart.  Or better known as just: Mo.


Get to know a little about Mo and BYHOURS with this short interview:


Why did you decide to start BYHOURS and how did you come up with the idea?

6 years ago, Christian Rodriguez, a business oriented and analytical minded entrepreneur focusing on disruptive models, asked hospitality expert and hotelier, Guillermo Gaspart, why the shortest stay you could book at a hotel was 24h. At that time, products and services were being personalized in all sectors, but not when booking a hotel room. This question was the starting point and the implementation of the pay-per-use model to the hospitality market. Although we developed and launched the microstays and BYHOURS concept in Barcelona, some months later and spread to the main cities in Spain, and later on to international markets in three continents.

Why is BYHOURS  useful for the user?

There are a few user cases. Our classic one is for business people between meetings or families traveling, (early-late flights, layovers, etc.), hotels close to hospitals, theatres, football stadium… and corporate trips, normally we don’t need stay more than 12h in these trips and they are not always during night hours.

What do you think will happen in the future of startups?

Certainly there are some strong innovations appearing, we have to keep an eye on the market and on the opportunities we can approach in the future.

What does being an entrepreneur mean for you?

Passion, commitment and resilience. Those entrepreneurs who want to build a company only for sell it, is the worst mistake to start a company.

What´s your dream in life?

Drinking without being hangover the days after would be one 🙂


It was great hanging out with you Mo!

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