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Bleisure, the 2019 travel trend

Bleisure, the 2019 travel trend

Business travel + leisure travel = bleisure travel.

As work-life boundaries blur the way we travel does too. More than 1 in 3 business travellers will add a leisure component to their business trip this year to make the most of their work trips.

Who is the Bleisure traveller?

People from all different levels: we thought it might be more entry-level, but we found managerial does it as well, although we did find millennials more likely to partake in bleisure than some of their older colleagues. But, in fact its not about age or gender or work but about being oportunistic: it depends if you’re going to a place you like and that you want to spend time in. Simple.

If you are not sure you are a bleisure traveller, ask yourself these questions:

  • Culturally curious?
  • Love trying new food?
  • Enjoy checking out new places?
  • Like to make the most of your time?

If you said yes then you are probably a Bleisure travaller. Willing to make the most out of any trip, regardless of location or time constraints.

How to Bleisure?

Whether solo, with a partner, or as a family, professionals around the globe are increasingly adding a few extra hours to their work trips. However, research found that for most business travellers there’s only one element deterring them from bleisure: time. If you can´t add time to the trip don´t worry! There are other options to squeeze in as much leisure into a business trip.

How? Easy, make the most of ¨Waiting around time¨ to enjoy yourself.

Have you ever arrived to a new city in the early morning but didn’t have a meeting or neither could check in to a hotel until the afternoon? Postponed meetings, long delays or cancelled flights….Feeling stranded, tired and lost, you’re not getting work done but you´re not having fun either.

Waiting around time is not leisure time.

Change this around, make the most of your time in a new city, a few hours at a hotel could change this lost no-man’s time into Bleisure time:

  • Relax
  • Refresh
  • Get work done

The BYHOURS Bleisure Guide

BYHOURS Microstays can be used as a flexible, short-stay at a hotel to bleisure. Here are a fex example of how its been done.

3 hours: wake up, gym, breakfast. Book a hotel for 3 hours and use their facilities, such as gym, pool, sauna… A great plan is to work out, relax, hit up the breakfast buffet before even going to your first meeting.

6 hours: relax and refresh any time of the day in a beautiful hotel. Treat yourself to a comfortable hotel room instead of staying out in cafes and restaurants to relax, refresh and get some work done in comfort.

12 hours: Prioritize leisure and plan less, use a flexible 12 hour night pack, booking last minute deals and check-into the hotel in just 1 minute after booking it. With complete flexibility you can think carefree about changing plans, staying out, going to shows, staying in different parts of the city to be able to closer to your new plans for the next day.

In Conclusion

Our advice: have fun wherever you are by taking advanage of your time! Be smart, enjoy yourself!

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