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BYHOURS advert airs on German television – The Making of the ¨Caterpillar¨ spot

BYHOURS advert airs on German television – The Making of  the ¨Caterpillar¨ spot

BYHOURS is in a period of expansion, and looking to consolidate new markets outside of Spain. Germany was the next logical stage for BYHOURS to target, with an ample receptive market to the microstay concept from both hotels and customers, a TV campaign seemed the best way to introduce BYHOURS to new customers as well as consolidate it’s already known presence.

BYHOURS has already had television campaigns in Spain and Italy but never before in Germany and the idea was to make it a memorable advert to capture attention mainly and make people want to discover BYHOURS.

BYHOURS worked with the international marketing company DCMN which has an office based in Berlin, to develop the advert from start to finish. DCMN works with other high profile clients such as ASOS and AuxMoney, with a creative and modern vision they helped us create the concept and carry it through.

The concept?

The idea was to show the viewer how a few hours can transform you, with the phrase:¨Ein paar Stunden Komfort werden dich verändern.¨ meaning:¨ A few hours of comfort will change you.¨ The concept inspired the metaphor ¨From a caterpillar to a butterfly¨, showing the protagonist transform from a business woman looking absolutely exhausted (caterpillar) to looking fresh and energetic (butterfly). The metaphor is emphasised with her movements, expressions, and the use of her clothes and colors.

The overall aim was to portray a classic user case in a fun way, which people could identify too, but also show that a hotel room has infinite uses, and not just for the traditional one of spending the night sleeping in it. The advert asks the viewer: Have you ever been so tired after business travels, work meetings, between flights, trains, or just having a non-stop hectic day ? You feel exhausted, you look worn out. You just want to have a shower, some peace and quiet, a little bit of comfort to rest and re energise.

The advert introduces the idea of the microstay as the solution to the problem set above: with just 3, 6 or 12 hours you can be fully transformed, feeling on top of the world.




Filmed in just one day at the Hotel Gendarm Nouveau in Berlin, the operation was carried out by DCMN.



Credit to: 

Regie: Eike Schulz

Service Production: Wolffpack Vision

Creative Director: Lennart Frank

Art Director: Tung Nguyen

Art Director: Mathias Vanthienen

Copywriter: Philip Thys

Producer: Thomas Siudmak






Behind the scenes: The production team talks with the actress and Marketing Manager Maruxa Ribao from BYHOURS.


Our expectations?

BYHOURS expects to open the German market even further to the idea of BYHOURS microstays, with hotels to be receptive and seek out BYHOURS to partner with. Additionally, BYHOURS expects more people to discover BYHOURS, and a large increase of customers and traffic online as well as through the app.


The advert

Watch the 10 second spot and the 20 second spot (in German):

10 second spot

20 second spot


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