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BYHOURS launches in Manama, Bahrain

BYHOURS launches in Manama, Bahrain

BYHOURS has officially launched in Manama,  enabling users to select the desired check-in time to hotel rooms at any time during the day from a choice of 32 hotels. 

In light of its’ international appeal, BYHOURS has already secured the support of global investors, including support from Super Business Angels from Abu Dhabi who are current investors in the company. With the continued expansion into the GCC region, the Spanish-based start-up is currently seeking new investors from the region as it continues to increase its market share in existing locations and new potential markets such as the United States of America.



Guillermo Gaspart, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of BYHOURS explains: “We are very pleased to officially launch the BYHOURS app in Bahrain, given its reputation as a tourism hotspot as well as a key start-up and business hub in the region. We are confident that the flexible app will serve the needs of international business tourists travelling throughout in the region, whether it’s for a conference or a short business meeting. With our innovative model, business travellers in Manama and GCC now have the ability to book a 3, 6, or 12-hour stay from a wide range of hotels in ideal locations, such as city centre hot-spots or within short distances from city airports.”


“Since launching BYHOURS in 2012, we witnessed an exponential increase in demand from customers for micro-stays in hotel. In light of the digital age, we truly believe that this is the future of the hotel industry, and not simply a temporary phase. Travellers have become more business savvy, and their needs have evolved and matured across various industries. Our vision is for BYHOURS to be recognised as the leading travel necessity and lifestyle tool,” Mr. Gaspart added.

Targeting national and international business travellers and seeking to expand into new markets and secure additional investors in the region, BYHOURS is focusing on continually improving the platform’s user experience and technological features. By securing additional partnerships with three, four, and five-star hotels across Bahrain to tap into the micro-stays market, the Company is focusing on moving away from the traditional minimum hotel stay of 24 hours, using the creative strategy of micro-stays and a customer centric approach. Traditional hotels now have the opportunity to compete with the real competitor in the industry in today’s world such as the likes of Airbnb, given their success lies in meeting the ever-evolving demands of customers by benefitting from a more flexible and personalised model.

BYHOURS has already secured partnerships with more than 30 premium hotels across the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC region; including the Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa and the K Hotel in Manama, as well as a portfolio of prestigious hotels and hotel chains including Best Western, City Seasons, Warwick Hotels & Resorts, and Savoy in the greater GCC region, which are all available for micro-stay bookings on BYHOURS platform.

Check out the hotels in Manamaon BYHOURS now. 



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