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    MICROSTAYS – The Travel Trend that’s changing Travel

    The demand for hotel microstays is here to stay, and it is growing. Identified as a new travel trend in the 2013 WTM Global Trends Report,  microstays are fast becoming an established part of hoteliers revenue-boosting armoury, joining covetable and property-defining added services. For us at BYHOURS, microstays have proved themselves to offer serious business potential. Please follow and like us:

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    Microstays worth your time

    Travellers are making the most of every minute with #microstays, the travel trend that’s rocking the hotel industry. As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’. Whether you’re travelling for work or exploring the world, you don’t want to waste a minute, yet so much of our time is spent hanging around in airport lounges and train station waiting rooms. For years, dead time has been a necessary evilfor world wanderers, but recently a new concept has emerged that is changing the way people travel. Across the world, ByHours is introducing hotels to microstays: where guests book a hotel room for a few hours, choosing their own check-in time. Microstays…

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    MICROSTAYS, come to time

    You are on time for business. You have the last ppt version on Drive, you know the meeting address and you cab is on his way. Deal done! Meeting has been cancelled last minute and you now have 6 hours free but lots of emails in the inbox. Where to keep on with the day but avoid a coffee overdose. A hotel? A Microstay! You are on time when you travel. You have the last weather forecast App, the boarding pass ready, and your hotel booking confirmation. But you do not have a plan for a shuttle strike, an official airline delay or a red-eye flight yet until it happens. Where can…

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    In July, Madrid is on fire!

    Fasten your seat belts. We are flying to one of the most lively capitals in Europe, and probably in the world. Temperatures are on the rise and it’s the perfect time to put on your summer clothes on, leave everything behind and party all night long. As we want you to know all about it in less than some hours when you fly with Iberia Express, connect to Immfly, the entertaintment, connectivity and services platform onboard and read (and download) our exclusive guide about Madrid this month!!   Ready?Want more? Get a unique 20% discount in MADRID and any ByHours.com destination with the code MADRID20 to book the best hotels in town…