Family Road trip – ‘kids were too loud and impatient’

I recently had a very nice family vacation with my three children, my 14-year-old daughter, which is relatively mature for her age and a 6 and an 8-year-old, which have a lot of energy, and my husband. My husband and I spontaneously decided to go on vacation to the beautiful city of Lisbon.  My husband is quite old fashioned when it comes to travel. He loves to drive and hardly ever flies by plane. Therefore, we drove by car from Strasbourg to Lisbon.

On a Thursday night, we packed our bags and left in the middle of the night to avoid the busy streets. We calculated the journey would take us about 21 hours.  Driving at night means the children can sleep in peace which is great for us as it avoids them arguing and making noise. However, the problem was the traffic on Friday morning.

It was more than stressful and the traffic just wasn´t moving. But, the traffic was actually the lesser problem.



When we arrived to Madrid we all could not stand it anymore and wanted to check into a hotel. I looked randomly at my Google App store typing in booking a hotel by the hour and came across BYHOURS. I was skeptical at the beginning. I downloaded the App to find out if there were hotel options in Madrid.

There were many hotel options, additionally I saw that I was able to choose the check-in time and the duration of my stay, which impressed me a lot. I just wanted to sleep!

We could check-in in 30 minutes after booking which amazed me, I booked it impulsively for a period of 6 hours, and we immediately started to drive to the hotel.

When we arrived, my kids, husband and I were more than happy. The hotel and service were amazing. We rested and with the mood lifted we continued with the road trip which was extremely pleasant, even with my energetic boys.  – Marie