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    Capsule hotels have arrived to Switzerland

    Capsule hotels seem to be the future of affordable travel, and Switzerland has just welcomed its first one. The Capsule Hotel Lucerne is in an excellent location on the edge of Lucerne’s historic old town, near restaurants and bars, and has just slid its capsule doors to the world. The innovative accommodation offers incredible value for money in a “space design”. Where the capsules are only 1.28 meters wide, 2.2 meters long and 1.47 meters high. Every single “capsule” can be closed, providing the guest with privacy.  They offer  high-speed internet, electricity, a safe, ventilation and other comforts, including access to a private locker and bathrooms.   There are also capsules with televisions, female capsules…

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    Where to have a Winter Break in Spain?

    What is best place to visit in Spain in November and December? Many imagine Spain to be a country to visit just for the sun and its beaches. But no longer can we be in denial, Winter is here and Summer is long gone, but it’s a good thing too right! City breaks and weekend trips await us and Spain has plenty to offer especially in the run-up to Christmas. We can’t name just one best spot to take a Winter break in as Spain has too many cool spots to explore, so here are our top 5 recommend spots around Spain to enjoy before the New Year, perfect for…

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    Sleeping pods – The future is here, let´s nap!

    There are  cocoon like capsules being spotted in airports around the world,  but what are these Black Mirror looking pods? Known as sleeping pods, they are miniaturized pay-as-you-go sleeping spaces. Of course, sleeping in public could seem bizarre, but as our lives get busier and busier, and the more we travel, the solution to our sleepy layover dilemmas could possibly be found in sleeping pods. The origin comes from Japan, in 1979 when Japanese “starchitect” Kisho Kurokawa designed the Capsule Inn Osaka, and it’s a concept that’s evolving and propagating across the globe’s busiest airports.Testimonies show people are loving their practicality: “We have found the pods to be very useful…

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    10 Must See Spots in Istanbul: Tips by A Local

    Do you want to experience Istanbul like a local? There are hidden jems  in the center of Istanbul where you can spend some of the most amazing hours when travelling to Istanbul. Here are a few places recommended by a local, take your time, relax, visit and if you then want to enjoy some hours just for yourself, see where here. Please follow and like us:

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    World Rock Day! The Beatles & The Avenida Palace Hotel

    Today we are celebrating World Rock Day! What better way to reflect on Rock history than with the English rock icons: The Beatles. They were one of the most successful bands of the 20th century. They have contributed tremendously to music, film, literature, art, and fashion, and  a have continuous global impact on popular culture and lifestyle. Their songs and images carrying themes of love, peace and help, make an impact on human history. In the summer of 1965 The Beatles rocked BCN. They choose to stay at The Avenida Palace Hotel while they were here due to its classical and and majestic character that that also welcome other reknown…

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    Microstays & Festivals: Lollapooloza Paris 2018

    What a time to be alive! Summer is here and that means festival season is upon us. All over Europe there is a constant buzz of who´s going to what festvial to see who. It´s all about good music, good times, good memories. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Sweden and across the United States and now back ro Paris for the second time. On Saturday July 21st and Sunday July 22nd 2018, the notorious American festival is returning to shake up Paris again. The lineup is absoultley epic this year, including headlines such as Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, The Killers, Diplo, Noel Gallagher, Kasabian, and Bastille. Attending Lollapooloza  or any festival can…

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    How to visit London in one day

    First, it was Paris, now one of the most important cities in Great Britain. Today on BYHOURS blog we want to offer you a little help with our  guide “How to visit London in one day: What to see, where to eat, how to visit the main attractions…” Would you join us? Please follow and like us:

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    6 hours in Barcelona: What to do?

    In Barcelona, you can do anything. You have the beach and the mountains in one place. Every corner, street, and part of the city is different with its own essence. Every time you go out of the metro, you feel like you’ve arrived at a new place… and that’s what makes Barcelona the amazing city it is. Please follow and like us:

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    8 places to visit in 2018

    Do you have your list of places to visit this 2018? Here you’ll find 8 recommendations of places you need go.   Antwerp, Belgium Fact: The first newspaper in the world was published in Antwerp 400 years ago. Antwerp is a city full of energy where no one ever gets bored. In every corner, there’s something that will surprise you. Something you can’t do in Antwerp is leaving without first indulging yourself in Belgian food! Belgian fries, waffles, beer, and chocolates, you name it. Where to go? Antwerp Central Station Grote Markt Meir Street Cathedral of Our Lady Het Steen Our microstay recommendation: Quality Hotel Antwerpen Centrum Opera   Buenos Aires,…