Make Business Travel a Breeze

Travelling for business shouldn’t be a chore, but sometimes it feels like one. Luckily for you, there’s plenty of habits a business traveller can – and should! – adopt to make travelling for business easier and enjoyable, plus you might discover plenty of hidden rewards along the way. 

First things first

It might seem obvious, make sure you sign up to a frequent flyer programme with the airline you use most. The more you fly, the more benefits you’ll accumulate. These could include anything from priority boarding and check in, access to the business class lounge, and inflight benefits like extra legroom, in airports across the world from Heathrow to Dubai.

Don’t let aches and pains get you down

While flying, especially on longer flights, we’re all prone to muscle soreness and cramping. As well as getting up to stretch your legs every few hours, pop a tennis ball into your hand luggage and use it as a mini foam roller to massage and soothe cramped muscles.

Practise that winning smile

Small acts of kindness and being considerate of others will always go far in life, and on a plane they go even further. Kind and respectful treatment will be appreciated by the cabin crew. If you’re lucky, it could mean you’re eligible for an upgrade too.

Find a hotel that suits you

Even if you’re not staying long, it’s important to find a comfortable place to rest, whether it’s during a stopover or in between your meeting and return flight. Book a hotel with ByHours and only book for the time you need your hotel. Your trip shouldn’t be all about work, so take some time to relax and unwind in a great hotel, even if you only need it for a short period of time. Book for 3, 6 or 12 hours instead.

Rewards, Rewards and more rewards

It’s not just frequent flyer programmes where you can get rewards. Signing up to certain credit cards can get you a whole host of freebies too. Everytime you make a purchase using the card, your reward credit is added to. That way, your next trip to the supermarket at home in London could be paying for your complimentary extra legroom on your next business trip to Berlin.

Keep healthy

Did you know business travellers are more likely to get ill? Be sure to eat well and keep active when you’re away, maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Luckily ByHours has plenty of hotels available with access to fitness facilities, and many include access to spas, too. So take some time to relax in between working – the key to health is balance.

Go veggie – kind of

Is there anything worse than watching the trolley slowly make its way down the plane when you’re starving hungry? Forget the tantalising so-close-but-so-far wait for your meal and order a ‘special’ option. If you order the vegetarian meal, on most flights they bring these out first. Try something different, and enjoy your meal without the wait.

Pack like a pro

Make packing your bag easy by always packing the same way – pack the same items into the same place everytime you leave for a new trip. That way it’ll be done in minutes, plus when you arrive you’ll instantly know where to find everything. It’ll feel like you’ve only packed once!

Chill out in the airport – somewhere you didn’t expect

Flight delays shouldn’t make business travel stressful, and stopover flights shouldn’t be a waste of time. Instead of waiting around in the airport terminal, book a short stay in a hotel nearby. Relax and get some work done in comfort instead for a few hours.

Now your bag’s packed, hotel ByHours booked and frequent flyer points ready – let’s go!


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