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MICROSTAYS, come to time

You are on time for business. You have the last ppt version on Drive, you know the meeting address and you cab is on his way. Deal done! Meeting has been cancelled last minute and you now have 6 hours free but lots of emails in the inbox. Where to keep on with the day but avoid a coffee overdose. A hotel? A Microstay!

You are on time when you travel. You have the last weather forecast App, the boarding pass ready, and your hotel booking confirmation. But you do not have a plan for a shuttle strike, an official airline delay or a red-eye flight yet until it happens. Where can you rest, take a shower and whatsapp your family during your holidays? A hotel? A Microstay!

Hotel Microstays for business travelers, families and leisure lovers

Whether you are a solo business man (or woman) looking for a short break to prepare a meeting, a family in need to recharge batteries during a long trip, or a city lover discovering the best places in your own town, Microstays allow you to use all the services of a nice Hotel for an incredible price. Who said that great Hotels are just for wealthy tourists? Luxury Hotel by the hour are also here to stay.

Microstay is an answer to all those who want to work or relax in a space where they have maximum control, as well as a reliable internet. A hotel might be the best-straight forward option for them. With hotel Microstays customers choose check-in time and length of their stay. Easy, flexible and pay-per-use. How did I never hear of this before? Well, now you know. Microstays are coming!


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