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“My boss was fascinated – Business traveler”

¨In an International operating company, as a marketing manager, I am forced to hold meetings and presentations outside of Germany. It is my dream to travel and convince people about our business concept. My name is Max and I am a highly motivated person who represents the vision of our company “Teekanne”, a tea trading company located in Dusseldorf. In general, I do several business trips a year in Europe, Asia and South America to present and spread the idea of our product. We are very successful and operate in more than 65 countries worldwide. However, business trips cause high costs and I often do not have the suitable circumstances to obtain a meeting room with all the technical conditions. Therefore, I often book hotels with meeting rooms where you can calmly discuss your businesses and ideas.

One day, I had an important business meeting in a luxury hotel in Brazil.  After the business meeting, I met an interesting couple, who recommend the online booking platform BYHOURS. We came coincidentally to this topic because I wanted to know for how long they would stay in this beautiful hotel. The husband said they arrived to that same day and they would stay fora few hours. I somehow did not understand it and thought, how could it be possible to spend time in a hotel only for a few hours. Maybe they knew someone in the hotel or you they had arranged something internally with the hotel. I was not sure.

After that, they gave me a clear insight into the company BYHOURS and they said it aims to particularly help business travelers.  I had never heard of being able to book a hotel by the hour and I was surprised because it could have saved us a lot of money. I usually pay for a normal day rate, which I personally think, is too much when I only need it for a shorter period.

I told my boss about this innovative concept and he was more than satisfied that we could book a hotel by the hour which could greatly reduce corporate spending. I am positively surprised and for me personally I believe BYHOURS is the optimal app to do flexible hotel reservations. We can organize our meetings and presentation more flexibly. A really good alternative for business traveler! ¨

Max, marketing manager, Germany

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