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Mystery Hotels – the trend of booking hotel rooms blindly

The trend of booking blindly to add a thrill to hotel booking and surprising yourself has been launched at BYHOURS under the name of ¨Mystery Hotels¨.  Think treasure hunt meets luxury hotel microstay. The aim is for people to treat themselves to a total surprise in their home town or away and enjoy incredible hotels for amazing prices.


BYHOURS has decided to make booking hotels more exciting with the option of booking a ´mystery hotel´, where the surprise factor enhances the excitement, the suspense of not knowing which hotel you are going to makes it an adventure. BYHOURS has partned with the top hotels of each city to provide the best experience and surprise for you, at the lowest rate. 


Mystery Hoteles will be offered in main European cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, London, Rome, Milan, Paris, and many more as well as in  Bogota, Colombia. There are three categories offered, which depend on price and number of stars the hotel has, they are: BLACK, GOLD, and DIAMOND. Therefore, the  customer will choose the Mystery Hotel option they want based on its category.


How does it work?


The costumer will book the hotel Mystery in the usual way. However, at the end of the reservation, they  will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information except for 2 things: the name of the hotel and the address.


5 hours before the check-in time an email will be sent with all the information of the hotel. And if the reservation is made with a margin of less than 5 hours before check-in time an email will be sent with all the information straight away..


The adventure of booking a total surprise could sound scary to some but thrilling to others. If  you dare to have an adventure you can book a mystery hotel here. 


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