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What you discover as a passionate traveller

“That was absolutely the right choice..”

Who does not enjoy drinking a coconut water in the relaxing Copa Cabana beach or to meet the wild animals of South Africa.  My primary motivation is to be always on the move and to take vacation from everyday life. I’ve traveled in more than 110 countries and for me, the culture and the real background of a country stands in the foreground. Dealing with the different values of people is more than interesting and you can make your own impression whether stereotypes are true or not. As a passionate traveler, you have to be careful and do a lot of research, to first, figure out if the respective place is safe and that you use your time effectively to consider all beautiful locations with plenty of opportunities.

In my last six-month journey in South America, I have not only improved my Spanish, but also came across with new people and new realities, some of them already present in my country. Interesting to discover was the online booking platform – BYHOURS. Often, I either went to another country by bus or had longer waiting times at certain airports such as in Argentina, Colombia or Ecuador.  The first time I used BYHOURS was at the Columbian airport. I arrived at night and I had to wait for my connecting flight to Brazil. It was already 2.00 a.m and I needed to wait 5 hours for the upcoming flight. I just typed in on Google ‘hotel by the hour in Colombia’ and coincidentally I came across with this APP. I was able to determine my personal check-in time and the duration of my stay. It was awesome because I wanted to rest for few hours and I was not obliged to pay for the whole day. That was absolutely the right choice, since I cannot sleep at airports and unfortunately, they are not the comfiest places. I was really happy that I found this platform because I needed a bed and to rest for few hours to refuel my energy for the upcoming trips.

And you know what? I am already planning other microstay… 

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