Hola Latin America!

Hola Latin America!

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Read all about it! If you’ve picked up a copy of The Economist or El Nacional recently you’ll have heard our exciting news – ByHours has arrived to Latin America!

Now you can enjoy hotels by the hour in Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador. Choose your check in time and only pay for the time you need!

The success we’ve seen in Europe is on its way to Latin America, ready to continue revolutionising how we travel for both business and leisure. Get ready to enjoy a great hotel room to do a few hours work, or to relax while using included extras like wifi, air conditioning, scenic balconies, gyms and spas.

For the hotel, the benefits are clear: make use of hotel rooms which would otherwise be empty during the day, and access a new clientele who look for a level of personalisation in their services like that which ByHours provides.

We’re beginning the summer with over 200 hotels across the continent:

…and the list doesn’t stop growing! We’re adding more hotels every day, in great locations such as city centres, train stations and main airports.

Plus, we’ve also added to the currencies you can pay with at ByHours.com – COP, MXN AR$ and BRL join the ranks of EUR, USD, GBP and CHF!

Our arrival in Latin America is just one part of our international expansion – did you know we’ve also recently opened hotels in the Middle East, in cities including Istanbul, Doha and Dubai? Airport stopovers no longer need to take place in a hard plastic chair, but in a comfy hotel room – all thanks to ByHours!

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