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It’s Time For a Staycation

It’s Time For a Staycation

Perhaps the term ‘staycation’ sounds familiar. An amalgamation of ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’, it means a holiday which you spend and enjoy at home.

At home?

That’s right, at home. Or at least close by.

We’re not talking about a day off from work wasted stuck at home, sprawled on the sofa, watching daytime tv…. We mean making the most of your well deserved break without having to drag around a 20 kilo suitcase, discovering just what your city and other places close by have got to offer.

Convinced yet

Once summer’s over, you might not want to spend time planning a long holiday. Instead you can enjoy activities and places closer to home, and make use of the excellent hotels available by the hour near your hometown.

Tempted by a premium quality spa? What about a rooftop pool overlooking the city, where you can sip on a cocktail as the sun goes down? Or breakfasting like a king after a good night’s sleep?

Now you’re convinced.

Here’s some ideas of where to book your next staycation.

Madrid  Erase un Hotel – 3 h, 33€

Hotel Barceló Torre Arias – 3 h, 43€

Hotel Holiday Inn Madrid Bernabeu – 3h, 62€




Novotel Sevilla Marqués de Nervión – 3h, 59€


Sunotel Club Central – 3h, 41€

Hotel Wilson Boutique – 3h, 49€


Silken Ramblas – 3h, 54


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