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London: the growing trend of hotels for the day, from as little as 3 hours

London: the growing trend of hotels for the day, from as little as 3 hours

London, the city that doesn’t sleep, or is that really true? In a fast paced city like London the trend for hotels for the day has grown in double in just under two years.

It´s apparant people aren’t just seeking out new experiences such as a spa day, using a new gym, the swimming pool or sauna of a hotel, but also using hotels for the day for many other cases such as to take time out of the daily routine to enjoy a few hours in a hotel.

Microstays have risen exponentially in London the last 2 years and we are here to unfold why. Last year Bogota, Colombia, was the city with most booked microstays on BYHOURS, the bookings represented 36% of the total Latin American market. But will  London be the top city of microstayers for 2019?

The Best Western Mornington Hotel – London Hyde Park

The city in constant movement

In London the trend for booking a hotel for six hours during the day is around 50%, 3 hours is 35% and 12 hours is 65%. The demand of what customers are most looking for in London is clearly seen, and how nowadays it has become common practise to book a hotel for the day, be it morning, afternoon, evening and only for a few hours. The demand for the overnight stay has been quickly replaced with the demand for booking a hotel for the hour, especially a hotel for for the day.

However, stereotypically booking a hotel by the hour has had a pretty bad rep over the years, but this is significantly changing. For example, after traveling overnight to reach a destination, businessmen and women want a place to shower and freshen up before their first meeting of the day. Microstays allow guests to rent rooms in some of London’s top hotels for the morning, afternoon, or night. With this trend we can also see a demand for business hotels targeting short-stay business visitors flying in and out in a day, who need some desk space or a few hours’ sleep.

Further, as the number of jetsetters rises, the demand for these hourly rates at upscale hotels are becoming more apparent. It is important for the hotel industry, especially in London, to quickly adapt to the new market demands: personalization and flexibility.

This can also be seen with the demand of new technology, which must adapt too to these demands. Perhaps the success of microstays in London is due to simply just sticking to the current trends, for example through the BYHOURS website or app a hotel can be booked even just 1 minute before check-in. A Londoner can agree that’s exactly the speed they are looking for.

Bermondsey Square Hotel is a top hotel booked for the spa experience

Moreover, the concept of booking a hotel for a few hours really is a win-win situation for guests and the hotel industry in London. When booking a microstay the client can enjoy the hotel room, the hotel facilities and services as a normal client and the hotel benefits from selling empty rooms. Simple.

London is different

It is interesting how especially In London there has been a significant jump in numbers of people  using a hotel for the day. BYHOURS currently has 83 hotels listed on the website and app, these hotels can be booked for the day, from as little as 3 hours.

Overall, we believe the rise in numbers can be attributed to a few reasons (such as the ones mentioned above), but overall a city like London is just simply different to any other. People are constantly on the move, for example: a French businessmen comes to London for the day just to open a bank account, they need a room just for a rest, a quick nap and maybe get some work done while being there. Then they take the train back to Paris. This is the normal for them. There are thousands of cases similar to this of people coming and going on a daily basis.

Bloc hotel located inside London Gatwick

London’s numbers also might suggest that different locations might be less, shall we say, judgmental when it comes to day-use accommodations. Some may even be more eager than others to jump in on the trend.

What do you think? Is London the city of microstayers? Have you used a microstay in London?

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