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In July, Madrid is on fire!

In July, Madrid is on fire!

Fasten your seat belts. We are flying to one of the most lively capitals in Europe, and probably in the world. Temperatures are on the rise and it’s the perfect time to put on your summer clothes on, leave everything behind and party all night long. As we want you to know all about it in less than some hours when you fly with Iberia Express, connect to Immfly, the entertaintment, connectivity and services platform onboard and read (and download) our exclusive guide about Madrid this month!!


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Now… 12, 6 , 3 GO!

Madrid is the quintessential photo making capital and whether you are standing on the zero-mile marker on Puerta del Sol, taking selfies on the Plaza Mayor, or strolling in the streets that riddle “El Madrid de Los Austrias” you’ll find unique people and places waiting to be discovered. You are about to land in a magic city! 

First and foremost, let’s get out of the way the typical Must-Sees (or must-share).

Puerta del Sol: this is the capital’s centre and epicentre. It has Spain’s zero-mile marker (all Spanish National roads begin here) and here is where “Madrileños” eat grapes on New Year’s Eve. (Spaniards have a very unique tradition for New Year’s Eve: They eat 12 grapes at midnight, one with each Puerta del Sol’s bell toll.)

Plaza Mayor: It is a very well-known 15th century square, in the heart of the historical centre of Madrid de los Austrias. For a proper local experience go to the North-West corner for a fried calamari sandwich (Bocata de Calamares) in Casa Rua (c/ Ciudad Rodrigo, 3).

Madrid de los Austrias: this is the central district which kept its medieval town vibe through centuries. Here you will find Madrid’s most touristic places and buildings: Calle Mayor, Calle Arenal, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, La Latina, Opera… On a historical note, it is thanks to the Austrian dynasty – known in English by the name of the Habsburg family – that the Spanish court is currently located in Madrid.
Gran Vía: The Madrilenian Broadway:

Plenty of Restaurants, shops, cinemas… Modern-days 24/7 folks and legendary Metalheads (see picture). It is the street where the rich and the poor, celebrities and regular Pepes meet and mix.


If you liked what you read so far, wait for it. Madrid in July only gets better. Don’t let Madrid’s heatwave bring you down. Days get longer, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy!

Madrid in July is more : more tranquility, (a lot!) more sun, more plans, more parties, more terraces, more concerts, more cinemas, more friends, more hours to enjoy! So…


July starts strong and proud here with the Madrid World Pride. And what’s left of the Mulafest festival (both until July 2nd), as you may know from our last guide. But, wait, that’s not it:

July 2, 9 and 16 : Brunch -In The Park (Parque de Tierno Galván, Av. del Planetario, s/n). Spanish delight from this very place; good vibes and electronic beats from here and there for an open-air experience. But don’t get it wrong, this isn’t your typical hungover Saturday brunch. Here you will also find activities for the little ones, and calmer areas with tables in the shade, to take a deep breath and maybe drink some water – this you can never drink too much of here!

July 5 : Solemn Changing of the Royal Guard (Palacio Real, Calle de Bailén, s/n,) You’ll hear the horses trotting from afar. Hurry up and don’t miss out, the Change is at noon, sharp. Missed it? Don’t despair! Even though the “Solemn Change” only happens on every month’s first Wednesday, the Guards change twice a week, on the Wednesdays and Saturdays. We Solemnly advise you to bring water and something to cover your head.

July 6-8 Mad Cool Festival 2017 (La caja mágica) Come chill and cool off (well, maybe not if you dance) at this refreshingly diverse festival. Expect the Foo Fighters, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Alt-J. YAY!

July 8-9 Mercado de Motores (Museo del Ferrocarril, Paseo de las Delicias, 61, every month’s second weekend). Monthly gathering for all Vintage lovers and urban hipsters in this former train station transformed in a Train and Railways Museum.  For a weekend – and only once a month – this museum becomes The Place to Be for hundreds of Madrilenians looking for a bargain.

Special “Mustseums”

In the end, this is what Madrid is best known for. This city hosts many impressive museums. Quit being a tourist for a bit, and put your nerdy glasses on – you might find something even more dazzling than the Spanish sun, indoors!

What’s more, the Reina Sofia Museum ranked 8th must visited museum in the world, even well ahead the Prado Museum which ranked 11th. So what does the month of July have to offer you? Art. Avant-garde, clasicism, conceptualism, history… Air conditioning.

Exhibitions in:

Reina Sofía Museum

  • Pity and Terror – Picasso’s Path to Guernica (until September 4th)

One of this years most awaited exhibitions. This mythical work’s every detail, emotion, and brush stroke under the microscope.

  • Kobro and Strzemiński (until September 18th)

Avant-Garde Prototypes. Both title and biography to two of the artists who contributed shaping the Central European’s avant-garde scene.
– Lee Lozano (until September 25th)
“Pulling out the Stops”. The North American artist goes on a quest to question socially imposed structures, charging industrial tools with erotic energy.
– NSK from Kapital to Capital (until October 30th)
This group of Slovene artists synthesise and sums up what turned out to be one of the most significant transition for Yugoslavia’s final decade’s cultural blooming.

Prado Museum

  • Treasures from the Hispanic Society of America. Visions of the Hispanic World. (until September 10th)

This institution from New York was founded to promote and observe the art and culture of the Hispanic world in The United States. Come check-out more than 200 pieces hand-picked from their very best collections.

  • Farideh Lashai (until September 10th)

Title of the work: “cuando cuento estás sólo tú… pero cuando miro hay sólo una sombra”. Inspired from Goya’s work. Come see both Master and disciple’s unique side by side.


Thyssen Bornemisza Museum

  • Renaissance Venice (until September 24th)

Focused on the “Maestros” of 16th-century Venetian painting. Featuring masterpieces from Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and Lotto, loaned from major collections and museums.

  • Sonia Delaunay-Terk (from July 4th to September 24th)

The French artist of Ukrainian heritage, and key figure of the Parisian abstract art, comes to the Thyssen Museum to exhibit her eclectic work.


Artistic highlights

PHotoEspaña 2017 (until August 27th. Various places)

Most awaited event for Visual Arts and Photography hosted in the whole of Madrid. The Festival Internacional de Fotografía y Artes Visuales celebrates its 20th edition featuring big names and underdogs. An opportunity to take a glance at this festival from numerous angles and points of view.


…What more, any PLANS?

What’s up, Tio?

You’re going to hear “tío” (dude) quite a lot in Madrid. It is a bit informal, and mainly youngsters use it, but tío, you can say it too if you want to, tío!

So, tío, we bet you’re lucky enough to come here for your holidays. Well you’re about to discover just how endless Spanish days can be. Here, summer days can get quite hot, so Spaniards avoid the sun when at its zenith. Discover the many opportunities longer days have to offer.

Cine & Co.

Everyone love cinemas. But have you ever been to an open-air cinema? And an open-air cinema in Spain? All genres and all prices available on big screen with the wind blowing in you hair. Don’t miss out, many of them are free! Look out for open-air cinemas in parks and open spaces like Parque de Tierno Galván, de la Bombilla, La Casa Encendida, el Palacio Cibeles Parque del Paraíso, del Calero, Lineal del Manzanares…

The creators of Brunch -in The Park up their game and launch Cine -in The Park (Parque de Tierno Galván, Av. del Planetario, s/n. Saturdays of July 1st, 8th and 15th)

Gastronomy, Electronic music, and now cinema! Pay only 8€ and enjoy movies in English such as LaLaLand, Grease… Good warming-up for Sunday.

Not enough? Go to La Casa Encendida, La Sala Siroco and the Cultural Centre Conde Duque pimped their screenings with Food Trucks, fashion markets, Electro parties, karaokes, concerts, dance classes, temporary exhibitions… Action!

Terraces and pools

“¡De Madrid al cielo!”. Madrilenians are so proud they basically say that once you’ve been to Madrid, the only place to top it is heaven. Then why not get one step closer to the sky, even be it for a few hours? Cool down gazing at the skyline from roof-top open-air swimming pools! Where might you ask? The Indigo Madrid, the Hotel Dome Madrid, the Novotel Madrid Campo de las Naciones and the Hotel Mirador de Chamartín offer you outdoors pools, sun-bathing spots, and can host you for a few hours to enjoy all their services.



Chances are this summer month,  you’ll constantly be on the move (fingers crossed for you!).

How are you going to manage all this? The early check-out to commute to the airport when your plane is at 6 in the morning, or the 8 hours layover in Paris or anywhere else?

This might be the perfect time to book a few hours in a hotel close to the airport, and pay less than you would the taxi. Never crossed your mind? You won’t ever have to run rushing to the boarding gate, luggage in hand. Fly high!

Hotels now open their gates for a few hours, whenever you like to charge both your phone’s and your batteries, freshen up and become the best looking and rested traveller!

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Yes mister. Grab your hand luggage and come with us!

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