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From globetrotting to ´citytrotting´ with @Mequieroira

From globetrotting to ´citytrotting´ with @Mequieroira

BYHOURS teamed up with best friends and globetrotters Maru and Delfina, also known under the Instagram name @Mequieroira (meaning ´I want to go to¨) to organize a BYHOURS microstay for them. Both are originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but together have travelled the world while documenting their trips and generously sharing their travel tips on Instagram. With over 14,000 followers and a great eye for photography we thought the two girls were the perfect duo to get their opinion on the microstay experience.




The girls replied enthusiastically to the idea itself of microstays:


¨the concept of ByHours seems great and very useful for the case of layovers in airports. It would have been ideal to know them before! We believe that the idea of being able to extend the check out or advance the check in is super attractive for all customers. ´


However, we wanted to organize something a little different for the professional globetrotters jetsetting around the world and organize a microstay in their hometown: Buenos Aires. and see how a microstay could be of use to a professional traveller but in their own city.


We wanted the girls to explore the idea of ´Citytrotting´, exploring new areas and enjoying hotels in their own city to escape the mundane and experience something new and exciting, be that enjoying the hotel spa, swimming pool, gym, restaurant, terrace or other hotel services and facilities. Showing them that they can have an adventure without having to catch a flight.


We proceeded vigorously in arranging a 6 hour microstay for when they arrived back from their Mexican adventure, thinking it could be the perfect way for them to unwind and relax after a trip. The hotel Prodeo Lounge was chosen, located in the heart of Buenos Aires.


Arriving in the morning, with breakfast included the girls tucked into the buffet, then walked around the hotel, taking advantage of the photo opportunities of the indoor pool and quirky features of the hotel. They were able to rest in the room, enjoy the room´s balcony overlooking the pool and spend some one on one relaxing best friend time together.







And their verdict?


¨Regarding the microstays, we find them ideal either for travellers making layovers at airports or even for local people looking to relax a few hours in their own city. We would definitely consider using BYHOURS for our future trips.¨




And our verdict?  Explore, near or far!


All photos featured from @mequieroira , for more photos visit their instagram!




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