Microstay in more than 3,000 Hotels

MICROSTAYS – The Travel Trend that’s changing Travel

MICROSTAYS – The Travel Trend that’s changing Travel

The demand for hotel microstays is here to stay, and it is growing. Identified as a new travel trend in the 2013 WTM Global Trends Report,  microstays are fast becoming an established part of hoteliers revenue-boosting armoury, joining covetable and property-defining added services. For us at BYHOURS, microstays have proved themselves to offer serious business potential.


We like to think that we launched the concept (in its purest sense) by offering hotel room stays as short as just three hours, and since starting out in 2012 we now work with more than 2,500 hotels throughout Europe, America and the Middle East, driving upward of 200,000 transactions. Demand for microstays shows no sign of slowing, being largely driven by business customers and can offer a significant revenue boost for hoteliers.

Microstays are defined by Wikipedia as ‘residency in a hotel room for less than 24 hours, choosing check in time and length of stay.’ They are another lifestyle upgrade that has come about largely due to smartphone GPS technology which allows us to cram more into our days and spontaneously access useful services where we are and at any given moment. Inherently practical, booking a hotel room for a few hours is a clever modern hack for a huge number of scenarios, from a pitstop for city trippers in between a day of shopping and an evening at the theatre, to a comfortable port in the storm for those with a delayed or cancelled flight.

Have you ever heard about this concept?



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