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Nervous about travelling at Christmas? Connections or Canceled Flights?

Nervous about travelling at Christmas?  Connections or Canceled Flights?

Is there really anything worse than travelling at Christmas?


If you have travelled at  the Christmas period before then for sure you have suffered delays, or even cancelled flights, sometimes they´re not a big deal, other times they mean hours and hours, or even a whole night stranded at an aiport.


Christmas is an especially stressful time of year when it comes to train station, airports and flying, I would not advise a first time traveller to fly the 24th of December. Prepare for long ques, the unexpected snow storm delaying all flights for the forseeable hours, the super inconvenient pilot strike… the list goes on and on. I get anxiety just thnking about it.




Plan Ahead

If you have a connecting flght, train or bus make sure to give yourself enough time before and after it, especially if you have a connection. If your first part of the trip is delayed you wlll not want to worry about missing the second connection and be stranded in a place you never even intended to visit.



Prepare ahead of time by donwloading the BYHOURS app, where you can book a hotel room in just 1 minute before check-in, perfect for last minute change of plans. You can book a microstay for 3, 6 or 12 hours, which means resting in a hotel room rather than an aiport chaiir, taking a shower, getting a good night´s sleep or a nap, or use it to get some work done.

Stress less with a microstay where you can rest, relax and refuel when travelling. Especiaally useful when travelling with family and children.



BYHOURS has many hotels inside the same airport or around the corner from it, with airport transfers too.  For more informaiton on hotels close to airports click here. 

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