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Paris is always a good idea…

Paris is always a good idea…

They say that Paris is for lovers – we say it’s for everyone! When you can get to Paris from London in just a few hours thanks to the Eurostar, what’s your excuse for not visiting the city of love this year?

If you’re travelling from the UK, the best way to get to Paris is on the Eurostar from St Pancras International. And if you need a hotel for a few hours before the journey? We’ve got plenty of hotels near Kings Cross which you can use!

First things first when you arrive – breakfast. No one does continental breakfast quite as well as the French – think hot coffee, buttery croissants and strawberry jam….your mouth’s watering already and you’ve only just arrived! Pop to Colorova Patisserie to sample some classic Parisian delights and get your day off to a delicious start!

From there head to the Arc de Triomphe. Cruise along the beautiful Champs Élysées, taking in the unique atmosphere – you’re on one of the most famous streets in the world! – and maybe pop into a few shops along the way.

Once you’ve reached the end of this famous street, you’re going to be somewhere even more famous, see something that everyone in the world knows about, something that will take your breath away and leave you gobsmacked… you’ve definitely heard about it, maybe you’ve even dreamed about it…

That´s right, it’s the Eiffel Tower. It’s up to you whether you go up it – the views are breathtaking but depending on the time of year the crowds of tourists can be unbelievable! If you do decide to go up and get that picture perfect Instagram shot, tickets cost between 7€ and 11€.

Once you’ve taken in the amazing view – either from the top of the tower or just of the tower itself! – it´s time for a little more strolling around. This time head to the Jardin des Tuileries, picking up a baguette and some charcuterie along the way because you’re heading to the perfect picnic spot!

Enjoy a spot of lunch alfresco in these beautiful gardens. Take some time to chill out a bit, because you’ve still got a lot left on the agenda for this trip!

Next stop on the list is Montmartre, one of the city’s coolest districts. Admire the winding streets which look like something out of a movie… in fact several movies have been filmed here! Check out a few sights as you stroll, make sure you catch a glimpse of the Moulin Rouge!

Forget cabaret high kicks for now though – we’re going hill climbing, right to the top to see Sacre Couer!

Take a look inside the beautiful cathedral if you want – just make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing view from the top here. If you didn’t head up the Eiffel Tower earlier, this is your big photo moment!

Now it’s time to head over to the last stop of the day – a boat trip on the Seine. There’s plenty available in Paris, so take your pick. In order to get there in time for sunset, take the funicular back down the Montmartre hill.

Spend the evening cruising along the Seine, as the sun sets on the city around you.

Where to relax after all that sightseeing, and before your early morning Eurostar back? ByHours have got your back – stay in a great hotel for a few hours and pay a fair price. We’ve got loads of hotels in Paris for you to choose from.

Highlights include the 1k Hotel, where some rooms come with their own private pool…

The unique design of Kube Hotel Paris, which features an ice bar…

Or stay close to the station and enjoy a little luxury in the 4* Holiday Inn Paris Gare du Lyon Bastille.

Holiday Inn Paris Gare du Lyon Bastille

Bisous bisous!

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