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Sleeping pods – The future is here, let´s nap!

Sleeping pods – The future is here, let´s nap!

There are  cocoon like capsules being spotted in airports around the world,  but what are these Black Mirror looking pods? Known as sleeping pods, they are miniaturized pay-as-you-go sleeping spaces. Of course, sleeping in public could seem bizarre, but as our lives get busier and busier, and the more we travel, the solution to our sleepy layover dilemmas could possibly be found in sleeping pods.

The origin comes from Japan, in 1979 when Japanese “starchitect” Kisho Kurokawa designed the Capsule Inn Osaka, and it’s a concept that’s evolving and propagating across the globe’s busiest airports.Testimonies show people are loving their practicality: “We have found the pods to be very useful in that they give us a sanctuary for a bit of peace and quiet.”


Here we give you a few of our favourite cozy airport cocoons:


1.Dubai International Airport – Igloo Pod

This is the Igloo Pod at Sleep´N Fly Sleep Lounge at Dubai International Airport. Super-stylish in design, extremely comfortable en par with an airline first class flat-bed seat, and highly functional in terms of features. Charge you phone, work or simply take a nap, the shutters provide privacy.


2. Mexico City International Airport – Hotel izzzleep Aeropuerto Terminal I


No, this isn’t a scene from a sci fi film, this is a pod at Mexico City´s  International Airport , called Hotel Izzzleep. Strange? Scary? Or incredibly practical? The service also includes a high resolution TV, USB, light and ventilation control, a separate area with lockers, showers and changing rooms.



The Price?

The prices do vary per airport but an average of 20 to 40 euros for 3 hours, it seems pretty reasonable!


Now that you know what these futuristic looking cocoons are, would you try one the next time you have a long layover?


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