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Five years ago we asked ourselves a question:  Why can’t I choose the Check In time at hotels?
Without being aware of it at the time, this question was the spark that made us create ByHours.com. In that time you were not able to enter a hotel at any time, but today you can.
In this time it has been proven that thousands of customers around the world have understood our proposal, they now have the option to make better use of their time. The growth has been rapid since the very first Hotel chain that we added in Barcelona in 2012, until the first hotel that we partnered with last June in Colombia. Between new hotels and new clients, we have decided to take a step back and ask ourselves who we are, and without realizing it, we have grown older.
Now BYHOURS is a brand that operates internationally and it is the benchmark in the market for microstays. Every day hundreds of people find BYHOURS an alternative to airport waiting, a hotel room to recover or rest and a service to transform into an office in every city they travel to.
BYHOURS has grown and is international, so we have decided to create a brand that reflects this change and this evolution. That is why we want to introduce you exclusively to our new brand, the new BYHOURS.
What changes?
Our image, and our logo:
In addition to our main sales channel… we have now released a new APP! Today you can now download it on Android or IOS.
Among its new features we introduce a new user zone, with access and creation of a new account with a click from Facebook or a Google mail account, the introduction of other functionalities such as a navigation swipe for hotel tokens, personalised suggestions of hotels according to its services, the search of hotels with check-in available in 30 minutes in the tab “Now”, the marking of favourite hotels or the repetition of previous reservations in a click, are some of the new features that the App premieres, now with technology and Apis renewed.
What stays the same?
Our values (Flexibility, Originality, Courage) and our obsession for more and more people to enjoy their time better, and to do so at a fair price.
We are very excited to share this moment with you and to announce the new BYHOURS and we look forward to your feedback regarding both our new image and our new APP!
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