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The number Pi celebrates 4.000 laps around the sun

The number Pi celebrates 4.000 laps around the sun

The number Pi (π) has always been one of the best known mathematical terms among the population. Still, the figure 3’14 hides an endless number of curiosities that we do not know.
Have you ever wondered who called it that? Why do we celebrate number Pi day on March 14? Or what does this mathematical decimal really mean?
Yes, now that we tell you, you realize that you didn’t know so much about a number that many times you heard speak at school, university, and even read in many publications. Take it easy, BYHOURS has come to help you. And to surprise you, why not? 😉

We go back to Archimedes to get to the supposed origin of the number Pi, and he was one of the first person to approximate the value of the number Pi. Beyond knowing who discovered it, we must know that it is defined as the relationship between the length or perimeter of a circle and its diameter. Do you want to know some more curiosities? Read below.

  1. The ratio of number Pi is known since ancient Babylon and civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Chinese or the Mesopotamians calculated its value. However, the notation with the Greek letter π is more recent, since it began to be used from the 16th century.
  2. International number Pi day is celebrated on March 14, as this is how we write the date in English, which is represented as 3/14. This same day also marks the birthday of Albert Einstein and the anniversary of the death of Stephen Hawking, two great scientists in history. This makes March 14th become a very mathematical day.
  3. Until now, thanks to computers, 12.1 billion decimals of the number are known. Scientists haven’t been content to figure out the 39 decimal places of this enigmatic number. Up to now, Peter Trueb boasts the feat of having managed to calculate more than 22 trillion decimal places of the number Pi, thanks to the development of an algorithm that worked 107 days to estimate them.
  4. In the city of Seattle, located in the northwestern United States, since 2009 there is a monument in honor of one of the most famous number of all time, 3.14 (Pi). This is a work of the artist Dan Johnson and it is located in a park very close to the Art Museum.
  5. The number Pi is used for the manufacture of tires, watches and is also widely used in Astronomy. As the mathematics and disseminator Clara Grima explains, «when the singers record their records, the studios pass the audios of the voice and the music through a kind of ‘Photoshop’, which are Fourier series so that everything sounds better. In those analyzes, the number Pi appears, and that same ‘Photoshop’ is the tool that allows us to dictate audio messages on WhatsApp”. Who would have thought!

Are you surprise? Normal, the same thing happened to us. For this reason, and to celebrate that we now know a little more about the international day of the number Pi, we have decided to surprise you.

How? Very easy. We are going to pay tribute to the Pi number, making that for two days (yes, yes, 48h non stop), all 3-hour BYHOURS microstays have a 14% discount. What you heard, 14% !! Just enter in our landing page and get your promotional code. You will like this day, a lot 😉

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