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Why book ByHours?

Why book ByHours?

Why book ByHours?

What are the benefits of booking a hotel the ByHours way?

Here are just a few…

  1. Where – you choose the city and hotel where you want to stay.
  2. When – you decide the hour you check in to the hotel.
  3. How much – you decide how many hours you want to stay.
  4. Flexibility – ByHours offers a new kind of flexibility. You decide when you arrive and when you leave your hotel. It’s a way of booking that adapts completely to what YOU want.
  5. More than just a hotel – we don’t just offer hotel rooms, but other services too. Enjoy the use of a gym, spa or roof terrace from the hotels available on our site, in order to make your stay the best it can be.
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