World Rock Day! The Beatles & The Avenida Palace Hotel

World Rock Day! The Beatles & The Avenida Palace Hotel

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Today we are celebrating World Rock Day! What better way to reflect on Rock history than with the English rock icons: The Beatles. They were one of the most successful bands of the 20th century. They have contributed tremendously to music, film, literature, art, and fashion, and  a have continuous global impact on popular culture and lifestyle. Their songs and images carrying themes of love, peace and help, make an impact on human history.

In the summer of 1965 The Beatles rocked BCN. They choose to stay at The Avenida Palace Hotel while they were here due to its classical and and majestic character that that also welcome other reknown guests such as Ernest Hemingway, Joan Miró and Liza Minnelli. Situated in the heart of Barcelona, El Avenida Palace Hotel is an icon of Barcelona. The emblematic hotel, characteristic for an impressive central staircase, offers 151 rooms, 2 luxurious suites and a spectacular terrace with views over the city.

El Avenida Palace is a hotel with a story. The building was built in 1925, called Casa Libre, it was a Chocolate House, a tea room and an art shop, and it became a meeting point for the aristocracy of the city, who went there to socialize,  enjoy concerts and balls in the several salons of the building. Casa Llibre was designed by the architect Enric Sagnier

In 1950 Casa Llibre was bought by Juan Gaspart Bonet to create El Avenida Palace hotel, they decided to mantain and only restore several of the Casa Llibre rooms to make the the lobby and the banquet halls, keeping the original materials, such as marbles, beveled mirrors and brass Currently, the hotel cafe still has the name of the old business, to keep the history alive.

The main goal was for El Avenida Palace to be more than just a hotel in Barcelona; it had to be a building with a story to tell, which is has succesfully achieved!  It has now turned into the epitome of vintage luxury in Barcelona. However, if you are a Beatles fan you can stay in the same suite they stayed in over 50 years ago when they came to perform in Barcelona in the summer of 1965.  Nowadays the suite has been redecorated in memory of The Beatles, with pictures of them and a 60´s style of decor.


As today is World Rock Day and we want you to live your own VIP microstay experience in The Avenida Palace or one of  the amazing hotels on our app. Enjoy the room, terrace, spa, restaurant or pool. Remember you can use all the facilities & services.

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