Microstay in more than 3,000 Hotels

Microstays worth your time

Microstays worth your time

Travellers are making the most of every minute with #microstays, the travel trend that’s rocking the hotel industry.

As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’. Whether you’re travelling for work or exploring the world, you don’t want to waste a minute, yet so much of our time is spent hanging around in airport lounges and train station waiting rooms. For years, dead time has been a necessary evilfor world wanderers, but recently a new concept has emerged that is changing the way people travel. Across the world, ByHours is introducing hotels to microstays: where guests book a hotel room for a few hours, choosing their own check-in time. Microstays have become popular thanks to their flexibility, allowing guests to spend their down time relaxing in comfort, safe in the knowledge their luggage is being looked after.

The concept is a big hit with millennials, who are on average 50% more likely to travel for work than older generations. It means that in every city in the world they can access their own private office with high- speed Wi-Fi, or get in a short swim or workout session at a gym. Guests who are in town for business typically use rooms for an hour to squeeze in a quick nap and a shower before a meeting. But microstays aren’t just for young professionals – many families book microstays so they can charge their phones and relax before travelling.

ByHours has become a global leader for microstays, bringing the concept to the wider world five years ago. The company offers microstays in more than 3,000 hotels in Europe, Middle East and South America, and is the first online international booking platform that offers hotel rooms by the hour as well as the flexibility to choose the check-in time and the length of stay. ByHours makes it easier than ever to make the most of your time – and save up to 75% on your stay.

As you know, guests can now stay in a hotel for three, six or 12 hour blocks… so can you!


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