The best week of the year with the BLACK HOURS


The end of November has come and with it two words that have revolutionized shopping around the world: BLACK FRIDAY. Without a doubt, the model of society in which we live has made us create a certain addiction to this day, (because initially it was just one day of discounts), and to take full advantage of the discounts before the Christmas season, but at BYHOURS we wanted to turn it around and make it your best BLACK HOURS of the year! But first we’re going to tell you a little bit of the history of this phenomenon.

Just like Halloween, this is another American “tradition” that we’ve brought to our countries, and although we’ve only been celebrating it for a few years, – in Spain it began in 2012 -, even if
we believe that this will be a lifelong habit. It originated in order to make Christmas shopping more bearable for the American population, so that they could save and in nature buy more things at a lower price.

In Latin America it’s not officially celebrated under the name of ‘BLACK FRIDAY’, but it’s not left behind. For example, in Mexico they have their own version, which they call ‘El Buen Fin’. The Mexicans promoted this event in 2011, with the aim of satisfying the consumption needs of the population and not as an event related to Christmas shopping.

BLACK HOURS: discounts for your microholidays

The restrictions in which the vast majority of the world’s citizens live mean that we cannot enjoy travel and leisure as we used to. But who said that it’s not possible to enjoy in one’s own city? The BYHOURS microholidays, of which we have already told you so much, are the success of these months, in which the limitations are great. There are many users who have already been able to experience a microstay in one of the city’s top hotels. A local leisure activity that we didn’t consider before, because we thought that ‘hotels are only for tourists’.

So, in BYHOURS we’ve prepared the BLACK HOURS to make it even easier to enjoy as many times as you want some well-deserved microholidays. How? From 25th to 30th November, every day you’ll have discounts depending on the pack of 3, 6 or 24 hours you choose. BLACK HOURS surprises for everyone, with more than 3.500 hotels around the world. So that wherever you are, you can book your microstay at the best price.

Every day we will announce on our social networks the discounts. But if you want to find out before anyone else, subscribe to our newsletter on the BYHOURS website and you will be the first to book. Availability is running out and so are the BLACK HOURS!

BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.