Business trips where you always need to have a comfortable, restful space in a quiet environment to work.

We don’t want you to wait for hours in the airport chair when you have a stopover or a delayed flight. Now you can rest in a comfortable bed in a hotel in the main airports in Europe.

If you’re only there for a few hours… Why pay for a whole day on your business trip? Save by paying your hotel in packs of hours.

Booking at the right price in your hotel reservations is one of our main principles.

Packs of 3, 6 and 12 hours to enjoy a hotel room and all its services: swimming pool, spa, gym, restaurants… Always with the security of immediate confirmation and free cancellation in most hotels. In addition, now you can check-in at the hotel at the time you decide. From that time on, your stay will start to count.

BYHOURS launched in 2012 to provide flexibility and personalization to the hotel booking process. We developed the first booking platform that offers hourly packages at hotels around the world. You can now choose your check-in time, how long you want to stay, and pay only for the time you need.

The BYHOURS team is innovative, international and young with a strong desire to revolutionize the hotel industry. Our main office is located in Barcelona. In 2019, we opened our second office in Mexico City as the operational hub of Latin America and USA.