Hotels for teleworking: a few hours with BYHOURS


We live in difficult times, circumstances have changed our lives in many ways and work has certainly been affected. In recent months, a lot of people stay at home fot teleworking. It has been installed in many companies and has increased in those that had already implemented it. At BYHOURS we have not been oblivious to this and that is why we also offer rooms and meeting rooms by the hour in hotels, so that you can telework by doing team meetings, important calls or have maximum peace of mind during working hours.

So below we would like to offer you a series of hotel recommendations that can help you according to your needs when teleworking.

If what you need is a reserved space in which to hold a business meeting, one option we have is the DOVER room at the Gallery Hotel in Barcelona, in the Paseo de Gracia area. It is a room with capacity for 9 people that has an imperial table ideal for meetings. It also has all kinds of audiovisual material if you need it for your meeting, such as a projector, speakers, microphones, printer, laptops…

Maybe you are on a business trip and need a few hours to telework or hold a video conference. Don’t worry, the time availability is very flexible, to adapt to what you need. For example, at the Hotel Campanile Murcia, you can book the Romea Room, a room that is equipped with natural light, wifi and a projection screen, which you can reserve for 3 hours so that you can hold your videoconference or telework for a while.

Finally, if what you need is a space to carry out a full day’s work, we also offer you that possibility. A very good option that we propose is the SUITE 714 in the Only You Atocha Hotel, in Madrid, a space located on the last floor of the hotel with access to a terrace where you will be able to relax and enjoy magnificent views of the city of Madrid. The best thing is that the hotel is close to the station, so you can make the most of your time until your train leaves.

As you can see, at BYHOURS we have everything you need to make your new working days fit you and most importantly: your comfort. Thanks to our pay-per-use service in both rooms and meeting rooms, you can enjoy the best hotels paying only for the time you need.

BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.