Stopovers & Airports

Between stopovers and airports, your connecting flight may be delayed or the plane you had will be cancelled. Traveling, whether by car or by plane, can always involve some unforeseen events that make us lose time on our journey.

In order to make the most of your time, a microstay will help you relax. Also, to be safe and not have to fear to lose your luggage.

If your long trip involves driving, it is important to rest during the route and take some time to be at 100% when you drive.

Being on the road facing stopovers and airports will no longer be a headache if you book a microstay.

BYHOURS launched in 2012 to provide flexibility and personalization to the hotel booking process. We developed the first booking platform that offers hourly packages at hotels around the world. You can now choose your check-in time, how long you want to stay, and pay only for the time you need.

The BYHOURS team is innovative, international and young with a strong desire to revolutionize the hotel industry. Our main office is located in Barcelona. In 2019, we opened our second office in Mexico City as the operational hub of Latin America and USA.