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Make route and rest: Travel with children without despair


Holidays are the most desirable time for all family members. Going out to rest, making relaxed plans on the beach or hiking in the mountains with your children, with nothing else to think about is every parent’s dream. And the children? They too are dying to spend 24 hours at their parents’ side, learn new things, enjoy themselves without schedules or homework, and share laughter and tantrums with their brothers, cousins, friends… Blessed holidays!

When the time comes to decide where to go, a multitude of options appear, seeking the well-being of all. It is more than 82% of the population who decide to start their journey by car and travel through different towns until they reach their destination. Others, who are more daring, make the journey in one go. Travelling with children, clearly the last option is much more complicated if you don’t want to hear every half hour the typical question of “How much longer to go?”.

However, in the end the most important thing is to do it safely. Without rushing and with the certainty that you are in full condition to take your family to enjoy their best vacation, and return home without problems!

At BYHOURS we know that there are different times when you will need us, and that’s why we give you some tips to travel with children and not die trying. Be patient, the trip is also part of the holiday experience and is as important as the destination.

  • Music and games to liven up the road. It is important that children do not spend their time distracting you from the road, so having them entertained is key. Whether it’s with their favourite music or with a game that can distract them and doesn’t involve setting up a large infrastructure, who hasn’t played ‘I spy’ in the car? A classic that can last for hours. Alternate between different options and you will have a great time.
  • A 3 hour stop to rest. Nothing matters more than safety. If you wear your seat belt and your car is in perfect condition, you can’t let your attention and reflexes go wrong. When that starts happening, stop at the nearest place and enjoy a 3h microstay where you can relax comfortably in your room, or eat and take a nap, for example. You can also choose a hotel with a swimming pool so that your children will appreciate those cool hours of rest before returning to the road. Safety and comfort always have to go together, and with BYHOURS it’s possible.

  • Food and drink supplies for everyone. If you don’t want to be stopping every 5 minutes or paying a fortune for a soda anywhere, remember before you leave to bring water and some snacks in the car for those times when the kids are hungry but you still can’t stop. You can do great if you unfortunately have any problems on the road or large caravans are generated. Foresight is important to travel with children.

Remember, the holidays are the most eagerly awaited time and we want everything to go great for you. Hotels with swimming pool, with restaurant or big and comfortable rooms to rest. Travel with children is not easy, but with BYHOURS you will have the peace of mind to stop wherever and whenever you want, no matter what time or place. Thanks to our flexibility and availability, there are no rules for having to stop at a particular place. A stop along the way that is 100% comfortable will make your trip much more enjoyable and, most importantly, safer for everyone.

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