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You have to fly and you’re afraid of missing your flight? Today at BYHOURS we give you 3 tricks to not miss a flight and get to your destination without any problem because even though we have everything programmed, there are several external factors that do not depend on us and can make us miss the scheduled flight.

Factor 1: Traffic

The first trick to not missing a scheduled flight is to keep in mind that as much as you want to, you can’t control the traffic. There is always a big city near the airport and near a big city there are traffic problems, especially if your flight is during the week. Whether it’s 7am or 2pm, you might arrive late at the airport because of a traffic problem and therefore miss your flight.
Bearing in mind that traffic is a determining factor in arriving on time, it is best to do the following:
If your flight is early in the morning: Sleep in an airport hotel, in BYHOURS we have a section where you can see all the hotels near the airport in each city. All you have to do is click here.
If your flight is at midday or in the afternoon: Arrive between 3 and 4 hours before and relax in one of the hotels that you can find near or inside the airport and take advantage to work relaxed in the room.

Factor 2: Security control

Normally when we go on a business trip we don’t check in a suitcase, so we carry everything in a small suitcase (See article on bag or suitcase here). That’s why the security control can be a bit more uncomfortable than usual so you should know that going prepared will save you a lot of time.
That’s why you should know that: Do not carry anything metal that can be detected by the control

The metal detector
At the moment of validating our luggage, we will have to come face to face with a great enemy: the metal detector. He will be there, waiting for us, ready to shout to the four winds if we carry objects we shouldn’t. This device can make us lose a lot of time if we do not face him well prepared. Organize your toiletry bag with the products that are sold in numerous stores so that the passage is easy, fast and comfortable.

Factor 3: Documentation

Whether you go near or far, it is best to take the documents that may be required, by hand, not to put them at the bottom of the suitcase as you may have finally left them at home or they may have been lost.
Today there are many firms that sell special products to keep the necessary documents and avoid this type of mishap, the crucial thing is to incorporate the habit of taking it every time we go and have it close in case something unexpected happens and it is required.
And like everything in life, on occasion and although we put all our efforts to arrive on time, not always everything can be controlled so for any setback, cancellation or delay of our flight, it is best to have the BYHOURS app close by and take advantage of those hours to work quietly, go to the gym, relax in the SPA or sleep before traveling.

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