When enjoyment, rest and life come together in the same concept, this is microstays


If you only need a few hotel hours, why pay for a whole day? Why wait until 2:00 pm to check in? With BYHOURS you can book rooms by the hour.

Why do I need a microstay?

Forget about waiting in train stations or airports: both stopovers and delays or cancellations can be spent comfortably in a hotel for a few hours.

During a business trip: turn dead hours into productive ones, spending them in a quiet place where you can rest, connect to the wifi, finish a presentation, take a shower or iron a suit.

To enjoy time for yourself is to enjoy all the services that a hotel has to offer: gym, swimming pool, spa, terraces and restaurants. All of them available with your microstays.

Special occasions: Enjoy anniversaries, celebrations and unique moments in the best hotels in your city. Who said that the best hotels are only for tourists?