City Express Hotels available in BYHOURS


BYHOURS continues to grow on the South American continent. This time, hand in hand with City Express Hotels. Their more than 150 hotels in Mexico are now available on our platform to book for 3, 6 or 24h. 

This chain is undoubtedly one of the most considered in the market, and its hotels are an example of comfort, practicality, and now with hourly bookings, flexibility. So, in this blog, we want to highlight some of our favourite City Express hotels and their multiple uses.

City Express Hotels:

City Express Plus Cancún Aeropuerto Riviera.

City Express Plus Cancún Aeropuerto Riviera

This hotel is strategically located 15 minutes from Cancun International Airport. Perfect for resting during delays or long layovers. Also, just 5 minutes away is the Xoximilco theme park, one of Cancun’s most important tourist centres, and 8 minutes is the Ventura Park water amusement park. Are you up for it?

City Centro Oaxaca

City Centro Oaxaca

Perfect for a getaway, the City Centro Oaxaca hotel is located in the city centre. Apart from its unbeatable facilities, this hotel will allow you to unwind in the magnificent city of Oaxaca with its proximity to an impressive commercial area with a large number of shops, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. How about its swimming pool?

City Centro Ciudad de México
City Centro Ciudad de México

This hotel is the perfect choice for your micro-vacation in the city. Its facilities and central location make it one of the best hotels to unwind for a few hours. Located in a unique structure dating back to the Porfiriato period, with a Gothic style on the outside and a renovated interior. Ready for a few hours of disconnection?

These hotels and many more are already available in BYHOURS, so you can book for 3, 6 or 24 hours, choose the time of arrival and departure and pay only for the hours you need. Always with the City Express quality guarantee. Take a look at their more than 150 accommodations all over Mexico and discover that they are the perfect option for your trips or just enjoy your city with a microholiday. 

 We encourage you to visit our blog to discover some of the plans you can enjoy in any city for your next BYHOURS.

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