How to make your sleeping perfect in a hotel? 5 keys to achieve it


Sleeping well is essential for staying active and healthy throughout the day. Nowadays, sleep is one of the most important factors in hotels and the WHO states that only 20% of the world’s population sleeps as much as they should, which is alarming. Therefore, at BYHOURS we have decided to explain to you the most important factors that a hotel cannot miss when it comes to providing the best rest service to its guests.

There are many types of travellers, some who plan their routes more and others who are more adventurous. In spite of this, it is always advisable to rest in a hotel for a few hours before reaching your final destination. This is where the quality and comfort of these establishments comes into play, as well as their environment, because you do not rest in all of them in the same way. Therefore, a hotel that prides itself on its ability to help guests fall asleep just as well, or even better, than at home:

1.Suitable mattress: 70% of the hotel clients consider that the mattress is the main criterion to choose a good establishment of this type, since their good rest will depend on this factor. Also, the quality of the mattress is becoming a very important factor when it comes to the evaluation of a hotel by the users, being at the level of the breakfast or the silence factor. Compared to the 10 years of life of a normal mattress, those of the hotels are changed every 5 years and:

    • They require special characteristics such as firmness, elasticity, permeability, thermal insulation, fatigue resistance, triple barrier treatments against dust mites, bacteria and fungi and the combination of different materials, such as foams, springs, cores, springs, etc. for a long and extensive life.
    • They need greater resistance in the corners due to wear and tear. Sitting on the side when we wake up, when we watch TV or when we tie our shoes, are some of the situations that make the corners wear out very easily.
    • They must be fire retardant or fireproof. To guarantee greater safety for guests in the event of an emergency, this is a prerequisite.
    • That they’re stain resistant is one of the main requirements when buying a mattress for a hotel. Many suppliers provide chemicals to clean these stains by 90%. However, in recent years, other technologies have been chosen for easy assembly, washing and ironing.
    • Many manufacturers produce them on two sides, so that they can be turned over, thus covering some stain or defect.

2. Comfortable pillow adapted to each guest: The goal of using a pillow when sleeping is none other than to keep the head in a neutral alignment position, so dimensions are important. If the pillow is too low, it will cause the neck muscles to sink and the spine to curve downward at the top. This can cause neck pain and stiffness. Otherwise, if it is too high it will cause the neck muscles to stretch and the spine to curve at the top, leading to headaches and neck pain.

3. Good location of the room: The location of the room is something very important when it comes to a good sleeping in a hotel. As a general rule, the rooms on the upper floors are the ones furthest away from the common areas where there is usually the most noise (restaurants, lounges, etc.), so they are ideal for a good night’s sleep. This is why the most luxurious hotel rooms (suites) are usually located on the highest floors.

4. Silent environment: Another fundamental point when choosing a hotel is that no construction work is being carried out on the hotel premises, even in its immediate vicinity, as this type of noise makes it very difficult for guests to relax.

5. Full relaxation thanks to some of the hotel’s amenities, in the form of teas, mineral salts or soaps with which to take a pleasant relaxing bath with foam, the use of the spa area, etc. All these components will undoubtedly help to increase the guest’s rest and the quality of their sleep.

Finally, it should be noted that, according to a study carried out by a famous hotel chain and published in El Economista, the aspect that hotel guests value most is the quality of the mattress and the soft bedding, and they do so by 32%. This is already ahead of those who value breakfast (30% of the total).

And you, where do you get a sleeping perfect?

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