The last month of the year has arrived. It seems unbelievable that December has already landed in a 2020 that brings us upside down. Without a doubt, it’s been the most atypical year of all and globally! But don’t worry, this is not a post to take stock of the 12 months of the year, that will come, don’t worry. Today we bring you ideas to do during the next 31 days that December has in the calendar. At BYHOURS we’ve plans for you!

While in some places in the world the warmth is just around the corner and you can already enjoy the beach, in other countries the cold has come to stay for a few months. But nothing can stop the pleasure of enjoying the city, the beach, the mountains… or the hotel! So if you really want to have a great time, read on.

Decorating the house Christmas mood

December smells like Christmas, hot chocolate and baked biscuits. December is family and friends, meetings and meals, and decoration, lots of decoration! That’s why we encourage you to get hold of those gadgets and elements you like best and decorate your favourite corners of the house. There’s nothing like making the house beautiful with the Christmas atmosphere. Are you up for it?

Visit your city, is it lit up?

Many cities are already full of lights at this time of year, creating a magical atmosphere in the streets. We encourage you to walk around your favourite places, enjoy the landscape and the company more than ever. And if you get tired after a whole day… Book a micro-stay and rest in a luxury king size bed!

Dinner and sleep at your favourite hotel

That we cannot yet travel or tour new cities far from home? Don’t worry, at BYHOURS we have the solution. We have more than 3.500 hotels worldwide. 600 cities where you can find a hotel near you where you can eat an exclusive menu and sleep 24 hours paying only for the time you are really going to be there. It’s a great plan and you know it!

Sunbathe in the hotel pool with the best views (only suitable for the southern hemisphere)

Yes, we feel it for the rest of the world that doesn’t live in some country in the southern hemisphere… But on this occasion only they’ll be able to enjoy a few hours of sunshine in the best pools overlooking the city, the countryside or an infinite beach. Because they can book a microstay and not only enjoy the room, but also all the services offered by the hotel: swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurant… Isn’t it wonderful to stop and enjoy December like this?

Skate on a dream ice rink (only suitable for the northern hemisphere)

Don’t think we forgot the rest. Indeed, there’re also flat areas where the cold sets in at the end of the year. What do you say to skating in the middle of the city? With that ‘Christmas mood’ we were talking about and everything lit up, we find it a very appealing activity. What if you combine visiting the city + skating + resting with a microstay? You won’t leave the city, but it will have been worth it more than ever to enjoy it in a big way. Why not?

We hope you liked these small but fun December plans and you can enjoy them. We invite you to leave a comment with your ideas so that we can share with you what we’re doing during the last month of the year. Welcome December!

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