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There are times when it is difficult to leave from escapes far from home, whether it is due to time constraints, economic, logistical… It is not always possible to leave for the weekend without having to think about a thousand things first and without ending up spending much more than the budget. On weekends we like to disconnect, have fun, forget about the daily hustle and bustle and the work responsibilities, which in most cases take up all our time.

But as we have been telling you for some time in BYHOURS, there are many more options that will make you want to stay in your city and feel far away at the same time. To feel that you have taken advantage of the weekend as if you had had 4 days of holiday. Yes, it’s not impossible and if you don’t believe it… keep reading!

To make it easier for you, at BYHOURS we have made a small selection of hotels where you can spend a few hours enjoying yourself to the fullest, disconnecting and flattening out in the city accompanied by some microstay at the hotelazo you like best. Wherever you are from, we are sure you will find an option that fits your budget, your needs and that, of course, will make you have a great time.

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Hotel NH Las Tablas en Madrid

NH Las Tablas – Madrid. A hotel chain where you know you can always feel at ease.  This NH will make you disconnect from any day-to-day worries and make your weekend longer than ever. There is nothing like sleeping in a comfortable and quiet place to feel in glory.

Kimpton Vividora – Barcelona. A boutique hotel in Barcelona where you can spend a few hours relaxing, have lunch or dinner in its beautiful facilities so well cared for and get to know the city of Barcelona thanks to its central location. Nothing better than resting here after a long walk.

Best Western Plus Galles – Milán. If you are in one of the most famous cities in Italy, after a long morning touring its famous Vittorio Emanuelle ll galleries, it is time to stop at this hotel and enjoy its spa or a few hours of siesta in its king size beds. Undoubtedly, a great choice at a very good price.

GHL Collection Hotel Hamilton – Bogotá. A city that has stolen our hearts. Living in Bogotá is beautiful, but it can also be a little stressful. Nothing better than recovering hours of sleep and relaxation in this wonderful hotel. 3, 6 or 24 hours, whatever you need!

Camapile Paris Porte de Bagnolet – Paris. The city of light and love, the favorite of many tourists. But also a very big city that ends up leaving you exhausted. Between errands, take advantage and rest in this comfortable hotel where you will not lack anything. A sure hit!

Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam - Standard room golden age
Hotel Radisson Blu en Amsterdam

Radisson Blu Hotel – Amsterdam. A top 5* is the perfect place for all those who are in Amsterdam or are planning a fleeting visit to this beautiful city. As beautiful as it is comfortable, here you can enjoy your moment like you never imagined before. And if you go with your pet, it can also be accommodated contigo!

Hotel Casa Blanca – México. A 4* with a pool where you can enjoy the good weather and relax in the middle of Mexico City. Can you ask for anything else? Ah yes, it has some rooms that will leave you speechless. Don’t think about it, it’s a great choice to spend time with your partner, alone or with a friend.

Hotel Casa Blanca Ciudad de Mexico
Hotel Casa Blanca en Ciudad de Mexico

Wherever you are, your microstay in that great hotel you love so much is waiting for you. Whether it’s 3, 6 or 24 hours, it will be a moment that will help you disconnect 100% and extend your weekend like you never thought possible. Oh, and don’t hesitate to visit our website to discover many more hotels and cities, we are in more than 600 destinations, find yours!

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