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Sometimes we forget that we have real treasures right next to our homes. It seems unbelievable, but on many occasions, tourists have seen and known more of our city than we ourselves have. In BYHOURS we want your favourite plan to be to enjoy your city, so here are some plans that you can do without going too far when you have some free hours or days.

Ideas for an irresistible plan

A perfect plan for a few free hours is to go to a park. Every city has two types of parks: small and very special parks that we hardly know or big and central parks where you can get lost and find your own favourite spot. Two clear examples of the last ones are El Retiro Park in Madrid and Masayoshi Ohira Park in Mexico City, where once you get inside you completely forget the chaos of the city.

The Masayoshi Ohira Park in Mexico City

Another plan that never fails in a free afternoon is to visit the museums and exhibitions of the city, in BYHOURS we love it. There are museums for all ages and tastes: from art exhibitions to photography competitions, with activities for the participants, to archaeological finds. It is a classic plan that we often lose sight of and think that they are only for tourists (WRONG!). In fact, as privileged to live in our city we have exclusive discounts or even free entry to many of them. One of the most popular museums at the moment is the Moco Museum Barcelona, we have already been able to visit it and it has completely won us over.

The Moco Museum Barcelona

After a free afternoon exploring museums, parks or exhibitions, we can’t think of a better plan than ending with a few hours of relaxation in a hotel. Who said spa? Roof terraces? Beds that look heavenly? Indeed, our perfect plan (and from now on yours) could not be missing microstays. Taking advantage of the best hotels in your city with all their services for a few hours is now within everyone’s reach, paying only for the hours you need. One of our top hotels with spa to enjoy with the 3h pack is the Libertador Hotel in Buenos Aires, which in addition to its central location and high category, offers a gym and indoor heated pool.

The Libertador Hotel in Buenos Aires

Libertador Hotel in Benos Aires

Speaking of microstays, if you are one of the lucky ones who have more than a few hours to spare, we propose a fleeting getaway to a European city. Take advantage of the 24h pack among the more than 4000 hotels we have in more than 30 countries and discover a new city like Milan, Paris or Rome in two days. And with the Christmas holidays just around the corner, we suggest a trip to Berlin to visit its Christmas market. A plan that you will undoubtedly fall in love with and never forget.

Berlin Christmas Market

Discover many more city plans in our blog.

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