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Relaxing week with BYHOURS: what really matters

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We live in a society that promotes consumerism and shocks us every day with between 3,000 and 5,000 advertising messages. Material goods are placed above what really matters. A hug, a moment of laughter that sticks in the memory, a new experience, a chat in good company? What do you value the most important thing?

We are approaching periods of high consumption: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, sales… Are you getting saturated? It’s normal, in this case the impacts of materialistic consumption that you will receive will be twice as high as usual. That’s why at BYHOURS we want you to always have a relaxing week and discover what is worth spending your time on.

Relaxing week? What is it?

Although it is a term that we have invented 100% in BYHOURS, don’t you think it defines very well what we are talking about? The relaxing week has just one objective: for you to discover what really matters. Away from the most material things, we want you to live a new experience of relaxation, away from the crowded streets, the endless queues in the shops and the stress of finding that bargain you’ve been promised for days or even weeks.

Close your eyes and think of a perfect plan with your favourite person. Here are a few hints:

  • A king-size bed to sleep soundly.
  • A buffet breakfast to recharge your batteries.
  • A few hours in the spa where only you matter.
  • A cocktail overlooking the city watching the sunset.
  • A relaxing massage to forget the daily stress.
  • A luxurious lunch followed by a restorative nap.

Are you planning to do any of these things? Undoubtedly, they will be moments that will make you live an experience far away from the crowded shopping and where you can enjoy a hotel for a few hours. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, choosing your pack of 3, 6 or 24h you will pay only for the time you want to disconnect, it’s all advantages!

Which hotels can I visit?

We can tell you that we have more than 4,000 hotels all over the world, but of course, you might not be able to see them all. So we leave you with a small international selection. And we recommend you to visit our website and choose the one you like the most in your city. We provide the hotel, the company and discovering what really matters is up to you 😉

Hotel W Barcelona
Hotel Poblado Alejandria Express (Colombia)
Hotel Gallery Room (Barcelona)
Sophia Hotel Cartagena (Colombia)







Hotel Lumen (Paris)
Hotel Barceló Torre Madrid
Hotel Avenida Palace (Barcelona)
The Westin Palace (Madrid)















If you feel like giving special moments as a gift, we invite you to visit our post with ideas to surprise.

BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.