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It seems that everything is coming to an end and the last week of August in many cases means a return to routine and the end of the holidays. At this point, we can’t say that it’s easy to leave behind the naps, the endless nights of chatting, the family meetings on the beach or the early mornings for hiking, which are always more appetizing.

But who said that the holidays as such are over? Maybe there are privileges that we can’t continue to do; getting up at 11am every day may not please our bosses 😉 But you’ll see that many others we can still afford.

Even so, at BYHOURS we have the alternative at the end of the holidays and of the most appetizing moments of the year. Yes, we have a magic formula so that you can continue to relax + have fun + be exclusive at the same time. How? Read on to find out more.

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The Microholidays that will save your daily routine

Exactly, you guessed it. If we’ve told you many times about Microholidays it’s because they help, and a lot.

Made up of large hotels in the cities and full of affordable plans, Microholidays bring you those microstays you deserve when you’re back on the beat.

Post-holiday deprecation is a reality, but at BYHOURS we are willing to let you spend it without realizing it. Treat yourself to a microstay in the best hotels, to enjoy that special “me” moment.

As a couple, with friends, alone… Any excuse is good to go to one of those hotels you’ve always dreamed of and enjoy more than ever the rest, the pool, the restaurant, the spa, the views from the roof… Because coming back from holidays is hard, very hard, but doing it enjoying a microstay whenever and wherever you want, is certainly much easier.

Because every moment is special and unique. Everything leads to exciting experiences that we must squeeze to the maximum. This year more than ever we have realized the importance of savoring the moments of happiness and making the most of every minute. Enjoy it!

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BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.