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There are plenty of plans to be made wherever you are. We know that many of you will have chosen the beach, others the mountain and the rest the city. For that reason, from BYHOURS we want to give you some ideas to enjoy and have fun while you are spending a few days in your favorite place.

If you decided to go to the beach to have a good time, get a tan and swim in the salt water, your plans will be one of the saltiest! We have left you some ideas to enjoy the coast.

Take a snorkeling course. Learn how to dive and sail along the bottom of the sea, you will discover thousands of new species of fish that will make you spend hours and hours contemplating the marine wonder.

Collect pendentives and make a craft. Yes, the beach is full of beautiful shells that you can collect and then make some handicrafts. How? From a painting in a sailor style, to a pendant to show off your summer days on the coast.

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If you’re one of those who preferred to stay visiting the city now that it’s not full of tourists and you can walk around peacefully, we also have ideas for you. It’s the best time to have a great time!

– A restaurant with a view. It’s time to go back to those places that seemed impossible until now, because of price or availability. There are many restaurants that have opened and have new offers at your disposal. Nothing better than booking in that one with a view and you like it so much.

– A luxury hotel for you. Yes, you can afford to live the experience of staying in a luxury hotel and have all the services it offers, thanks to BYHOURS microstays. You pay for the time you want to stay and you have a plan that you never imagined before. Hotels are not only for tourists!

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If you have gone to the mountains to disconnect from the world and live nature to the fullest, you are undoubtedly another lucky person. Breathing fresh air and feeling small among so much beauty is something inexplicable. Let us tell you some alternatives ideas to do in these places.

– A landscape photography course. It’s your moment, learn how to do photography and put it into practice among trees and hiking trails. The best practice is within your reach among nature. And you will take a memory with you forever.

Collect berries. Everyone knows that on many roads we will find plants that give us wild fruits, such as blackberries. Take a basket, pick them up, and when you get home make a dessert or a homemade jam. It’ll be very tasty!

We hope you liked these ideas and wherever you are you can put them into practice. In the end, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment. Beach, mountain or city, whatever you like best will be perfect for you.

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