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Sometimes our live is pure inertia and we don’t even realize it. Life goes by fast with thousands of impacts everyday.  We’ve been stalling for a while, thinking and imagining what it was going to be like afterwards. We wanted more time with family, more fun with friends, more experiences for ourselves and more moments to think about those around us.

Now that we’re back to normal, nothing can be forgotten. The sunshine is brighter everyday and those little moments that we longed for now bring us happiness and smiles on our faces.

relax in the nature

Some things only happen once in a lifetime, but when they happen, they leave a mark. A hug is comforting for those who receive it and those who give it. A ‘good morning’ on the street when you meet someone gives you energy to start the day happy. To take a coffee with colleagues to disconnect from work creates bonds and friendship.

Now is the time to enjoy all those little things we had forgotten and that are much closer than we thought. 

A romantic getaway with that special person. A moment of rest and bliss in that hotel with spa you love so much. A flying visit to the nearest charming city. A good time with friends enjoying live music in the chicest rooftop in town. A micro-stay to help you keep resting and disconnecting from everything without crossing the world to do so.

friends being happy together

It’s time to live here and now, to feel that we have a lot to be happy about. Didn’t you miss your favourite restaurant three blocks from home? Weren’t you looking forward to go to the beach and feel the smell of the sea? Didn’t you want to turn a normal dinner into an unforgettable date in the coolest suite?

Because the time has come to start enjoying those well-deserved little great holidays; the ones that even being close manage to take you far away. It smells of summer, of freedom, of laughter and endless chatters. It’s time to enjoy your city like you’ve never done before. It’s time to sleep in those nearby hotels that you don’t normally consider. Now it’s time for the micro-experiences that will give you a great summer.

It’s time to realize all the valuable things we have here. Being able to enjoy it again only happens once a year. Are you going to let it go?

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