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We are now living new and unusual routines and the near future won’t be any different. We all know that already. We always took care of your time and this time we’ll do the same: BYHOURS supports you in carrying out your new routine and in finding safe spaces for your work or leisure time.

This summer it won’t be possible to take long trips and trips abroad, especially as some countries still have closed borders or very strict quarantine periods. This means that these countries may ask to respect those moving to and from abroad.

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People will prefer nearby destinations and tourism sector will be promoting local tourism, both to discover our own country and because long trips will be difficult to organize.

Now is the time for local tourism, to go out to the city and enjoy without having to travel to the other side of the world. We will encourage tourism that we have not allowed ourselves until now because we are ‘tourists’. In fact, as never before, this year we will discover the beauties around us, explore our own cities, and even take a bike ride on local roads we didn’t know about!

BYHOURS promotes local tourism through microholidays in the best metropolitan hotels. Enjoy the best rooms, terraces, pools, spa centers and other luxuries. Plus, to relax by the pool, enjoy a romantic dinner, or just wake up with breakfast served in your room, you don’t need to be on vacation. Treat yourself with 3, 6 or 12 hours of pure relax in the best hotels on any day of the week, at any time and one step from your home or office.

Here you can find your new paradise in the city. BYHOURS is around the world!

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Not only tourism, but also work has been turned upside down by the Covid emergency. Some things can still be handled in smart working, but there are meetings, events and appointments that cannot be organized remotely. A problem for those who work as a team but also for those who work independently.

In a hotel associated with BYHOURS you can find the best spaces to organize meetings, interviews, corporate events or videoconferences. Hotels in your city become the most equipped and safest office.

You know, whatever you do during the week, BYHOURS is around the world and helps you meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s for business or for leisure, we always accompany you.

BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.