Insurance AXA innovates in the sector with BYHOURS


Security and hotel hours go hand in hand

Axa insurance and BYHOURS

AXA and BYHOURS have partnered to provide exclusive emergency medical and travel services to all its policyholders, offering them comfort in critical moments. 

With this new agreement AXA, the French multinational company, offers to its insureds travel assistance for cancellations, delays, flight changes, medical travel and emergency surgery, and provides hotel hours through BYHOURS.  In order to obtain additional benefits, the multinational insurer has achieved an innovative leadership and personalization of the service, gaining a competitive advantage in the sector. 

In this way, the insurance company AXA will offer unbeatable coverage guarantees, taking its response to its clients’ emergencies to another level. With this union, situations such as a canceled flight and at the expense of a new one, a delay or change of schedule, as well as a medical emergency for oneself or a family member and/or companion on the trip, will be covered with micro-stays provided by BYHOURS.

All of this is possible thanks to the global status of BYHOURS. With the company’s international hotel hours guarantees, the large international insurer can make this service a reality in more than 25 countries and in more than 4,000 hotels. 

BYHOURS’ guarantee lies in its formula for success: experience and innovation. The company’s business model, which is based on pay-per-use, has been on the market for 10 years and is revolutionizing the hospitality sector. This concept is fully in line with the value proposition of the insurance company AXA, which offers a personalized service tailored to the needs of each policyholder. 

This alliance is a step further for both international companies. While BYHOURS consolidates its leadership and product in multiple traveler use cases, AXA positions itself as the first insurer to offer an innovative solution 100% adapted to the customer. 

The global agreement will be in place from X, with its starting point from AXA’s headquarters in Mexico, where BYHOURS has an office with more than 12 employees for Latin America and the exit to the USA.

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