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BYou: break the routine with your partner

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September is starting, a new month full of challenges where many return to routine. Whether it is because of the change of weather that we are noticing or because of the excessive work that we may have, we are more immersed in the day to day, losing more leisure time and consequently more quality time with our partner. We must be alert in these cases, do different things that help us to break the routine and keep the flame alive as in the months of rest.

That’s why BYHOURS wanted to compile some ideas that could help you to break the routine with your partner and even surprise them when they least expect it. Write them down, they can be useful at any time!

  • Microstay in the best hotel in town. Spend a night out in a good hotel, without rushing and resting in a king size room with all the comforts. It’s as easy as looking for the hotel you like the most on the BYHOURS app or website and voilà, what a good wake-up call you’ll get!
  • Romantic candlelit dinner at home. A simple and quick way to prepare a special dinner that will break the daily routine. Lots of candles and a special dish to surprise. Could it become your favourite moment of the day?

  • Massage and spa session of 3h. Did you think it was impossible to get this combination at the best price? With BYHOURS you can access the hotels that have these services and enjoy them, apart from the room. There are very stressful days that deserve this little pleasure.
  • Bike ride with picnic. One way to change the routine is doing sport. Encourage your partner to go out and to finish off, have a little picnic in the park before you return. What a fun way to shorten the week!
  • A lunch with a view. Why not meet up at lunchtime and change your routine at midday? If you choose a place with a view and the weather is good, it will be a very nice and different moment.

It’s time not to fall into a routine and have a little something special for your special someone. Don’t you think it’s a great plan to discover new experiences with that person? Wherever it is, it will always be unique.

If you want to know more ideas and hotels for you and your partner, don’t miss all the posts in the ‘Romantic moments’ section of our blog, there are plenty of ideas for you!

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