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BYou: your favourite hotels in Mexico to enjoy with your partner

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Without a doubt, romantic scapes are one of those things that really make us feel “butterflies in our stomach” and make your heart race. Our goal is to make those moments with your partner memorable, but, how do we do it? By giving you hotel recommendations with specific characteristics so that you can enjoy an exciting moment with your partner where you only pay for the hours of your stay.

They say life is measured in moments, and surely the moments you spend with your partner are very valuable. Getting out of your comfort zone and hop on living new experiences with that person is always something nice, like eating your favourite dessert for the first time.

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When we talk about experiences and new adventures we automatically think “ugh, travelling”, but what no one has told you is that in BYHOURS, you can feel the same emotions being in a hotel in your city.

We worry about so much about those moments that we are always thinking FOR YOU, that is why in this section you can find recommendations for any occasion, like spending some romantic time, a romantic scape or simply enjoying the compay of that person that you are in love with.

Discover your favourite hotels to stay with your partner in Mexico


If what you are looking for is ejoying a nice romantic dinner with a very wide menu that offer Italian food, Japanese food and some nice meat, Hotel Barceló is without a doubt a good choice for you. With an excelent location in Av. Reforma next to the Monumento a la Revolución, and close to Alameda Central and Zócalo capitalino. And so that you can chill with your partner, it also has an exclusice spa with vapour and sauna for free, climatized pool and a 24 hour gym so that you can burn the dinner you had the night before.


They say love enters through the stomach, and in Hotel Punto Mx, they know that. You can enjoy a tasty meal in their Mexican restaurant and bar that will leavy you speechless. They have an incredible terrace with a nice view to the heart of CDMX. With no doubt, a delight for that special night. Located in the historic centre of the city, 8 minutes walking from Zócalo and the Catedral Metropolitana. The Palacio de Bellas Artes and Torre Latinoamericana are located only 850 metres from the hotel.

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Are you travelling with your partner and you want to relax before your flight? This hotel is indicated for you. Not only they can get you to the Terminal 2 of the AICM for free, but they also have a restaurant and a bar so that you can relax with your partner or simply so that you can have some hours of privacy before flying in a crowded airplane. Located in the T1 of AICM with a fabulous view of the landing tracks.

vistas de la pista de aviones del aeropuerto de Mexico


An incredible option with totally new facilities for an scape with your partner in the banks of CDMX, extremely recommendated for movie night, pizza and some wine while admiring the amazing architecture of the city. Located in Santa Fe just 5 minutes by car from Santa Fe Mall and at 9 minutes from Parque la Mexicana.

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